Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Do You Believe in Miracles and Ligers?

Good morning dear friends! Today I have something momentous to share with you. I bore witness to history last night. Actually it was even better than history. History is a term you use to catalog regular events like birthdays or presidential elections. Friends what I witnessed was much more than mere history it was a miracle. An awesome, awesome, miracle...on ice.

Last night while watching the Islanders play the Montreal Canadiens I saw an "own goal." An "own goal" is when a player shoots the puck into his own net. Think about that one for a second, a player on the other team shot the puck into his own net. Now I do not mean he ended up accidentally deflecting it past his goalie no, he shot it into his own net. His goaltender was on the bench because the Islanders had been called for a delayed penalty and the Canadiens chose to get an extra skater on the ice.

The Islanders actually have a history with "own goals" dating back to Billy "Battlin" Smith. Billy was able to record the first goal scored by a goaltender on an "own goal." While playing the Colorado Rockies, who would go onto become the New Jersey Devils, Smith was credited with the goal after Rob Ramage tossed a blind pass from the corner boards which sailed all the way down the ice into the Rockies net. Here is a video of the play (video is a bit crappy).

So he was able to become the first goaltender to score a goal with the "own goal" rule. Maybe it was some type of fate or alignment of the stars that then enabled the Islanders to get the win last night. Smith's goal came in November almost twenty years ago on November 28th 1979.

The Islanders truly caught a hockey miracle last night. They were also able to do it under the mighty lips of Howie "Fish Face" Rose. That was a miracle in itself. Friends it was so unbelievable that I actually jumped from my seat and shouted, reeeaaaalll loud. Christine called from the next room to make sure I was alright.

Here is why the excitement was at such a high level. The Isles were trailing by a goal going into the last three minutes of the third period. They had chances throughout the game but were unable to tie it up. This was not always due to failure on the players part. At one point Richard Park had an open net but his stick broke as he tried to get the shot off (this one Howie gets credit for). But even snapping sticks and fish lipped jinxes could not stop this pre-chritsmas miracle.

The Islanders got were called for what seemed like a phantom penalty on Sean Bergenheim. This means they would be down a man going into the last minute of play. Howie got us again right Islander fans? Not this time. The Gods of Hockey decided to smack Howie in his Fishy lips and lay the impossible upon him. Just when it seemed the Islanders were out of it they were able to pull off a miracle and tie the game at the expense of Ryan O'Byrne. Please watch this and listen to Howie's disbelief at his failed jinxes (he masks it as shock at the "own goal").

O'Bryne said after the game that he was unaware of the delayed penalty. After the game I said to Christine I could not be happier. I wonder which one of us was telling the truth.

After the "own goal" the Isles and Canadiens played the rest of the third tight. The outcome could not be decided and the game went into overtime where both teams had chances at victory but each team was unable to finish off the other. It came down to Joey McDonald, who has been a savior, shutting the door and Richard Park and Bill Guerin scoring in shootout to get the Islanders the victory.

So I guess I now believe in minor miracles. I also now believe that jinxes can be broken or bent for a night or two. Heres hoping the Isles will be able to continue their good play into the future. Since my last post about the Islanders they have gone 2-1. If you are from Long Island support the only pro sports team that is yours. Let's Go ISLANDERS!

On more Ligery note Conrad pointed out that I, for some reason, seem to post about Ligers before Thanksgiving. I went back and checked and he is correct. Maybe posting about Ligers around Thanksgiving has something to do with the color of a Liger being close to that of pumpkin pie. I love Ligers and pumpkin pie and it is the only reason I can see for the connection. If you can come up with something else let me know.

Anyway since I will not be posting for a bit I have decided to repost the story of Patrick the Liger. I truly feel this is one of my better posts. I was going to just post a link but what the hell this will make it easier for you all to check it out. So here it is for all of your enjoyment, "Patrick's School Photos..."


This studious looking fellows name is Patrick. Patrick happens to be a Liger (click the link for info). For those to lazy to click and read here is the quick version of Patrick's origin. His mother is a tiger that felt the need to have some hot lion loving from Patrick's dad. The best thing about Patrick is he gets the best of both lion and tiger powers. He can swim like a tiger and is good at making friends like a lion. And he is totally huge. Ligers can be the size of their mother and father combined. That is SICK.

Despite all of these facts Patrick is a down to earth person, as you can tell from this picture. He likes english class, going to the mall, watching Pete & Pete, and playing water polo with his pals. Patrick is also an important member of the model UN as well as the founder of his schools bee keeping society. In his spare time he also writes hit plays. Patrick is a pretty happening cat.

This picture is from photo day at school. Patrick's mother wanted him to get the library background. She said it made him look very handsome. While not really caring all that much about looking handsome Patrick did want to make his mother happy. He figured if he did that he would get the bike he had been asking for. Nice move Patrick, you are a super genius.

This is the photo background that Patrick really wanted to get. I think this makes him look like a super bad ass. Rock on my little viking.

Here is a video about some of Patrick's relatives. They ate that dude in the video, this is old footage. watch or die.

Here is a bonus photo. This is a pic of a Tigon being created. Tigon's are not that cool.

Have a happy and Liger filled Thanksgiving. Let's celebrate the Native Americans helping the Pilgrims out when they couldn't cut it. That may have been the biggest mistake ever in the history of people. Make sure to eat a lot so you can put on some major holiday weight.



I hope you enjoyed the post and repost. Please head over to Wonder Smitten for the latest Liger Thanksgiving fun. Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Please try and avoid drinking any beer that may contain floating chunks, eating so much your stomach bursts and Black Friday.


P.S. Here is a picture of Japanese Meatloaf enjoy!

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Greys?

This image is untitled. I created it with sumi-e ink and a bamboo brush. The tones were added with a set of Prisma Color cool grey markers. The image was done on smooth bristol board. I cropped the image a bit after scanning it but it is otherwise unedited.

It is a grey wintery Monday here in Albany so I thought I would put this one up. I hope your day is a bit nicer. Grey wintery days are only fun when some snow or hot chocolate are involved. Right now I gots neither here in Albany.

On another note family and football are on the horizon for this week. I can't believe it is Thanksgiving already. One more post tomorrow before a little holiday break. Try to avoid going into withdrawl by reading some of the older posts. I think I used to be funnier so the oldies are worth a read. You can type words in the search bar up top to search the blog. I suggest trying Little Superstar, Martin Scorsese or maybe Miller Chill if you are missing the summer a bit. Those should get you started.

Have a Happy Monday,


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Friday, November 21, 2008

Friendships and Blog Sharing Fun

Hello and happy Friday! I hope you all enjoying your prelude to the coming weekend. I know I am. Right now I am writing this post, which is kinda fun, and hanging out with Shelby . Shelby is, I can assure you, a far better dog than any you may have ever met. Well thinking about it maybe Meatloaf is her equal but that is it.

Anyway on a more posty note my friends Ava and Griffin over at Wonder Smitten have invited me to do a guest blog post for them. They have created a theme for the month, "Animals are more Interesting than YOU!", which I found totally rad. The task set out before me was to find an interesting fact about an animal and then create an image of said animal. Can you guess what animal I chose?

Come on take a guess.

No it was not a Kraken it had to be a real animal. Guess again!

If you said Liger pat yourself on the back! Was there really any doubt? Ligers are literally the best. How can you doubt an animal that has the combined powers of a tiger and a lion? They can swim, make friends and are GIGANTIC. They can stand twelve feet high. Think about how huge that is.

So being extra fond of Ligers i decided to write and draw about them for my post. I chose to point out the hugeness of Ligers and how they are mo betta than Tigons (by like a million). Ligers due to there heritage are trend toward growing to incredible sizes while the unfortunte Tigons can end up being puny.

If you want to check out the post click here to head over the wonderful Blarg Blog. Ava and Griffin do a really great job. The site is truly amazing and has a ton of lovely goodness for your eyes to devour. i suggest checking it out daily.

So what am I going to post today other than a boast about my dog and an add for another blog? Well I thought I would post an image or two which did not make the final cut for the Blarg post. These are not leftovers or scraps just more like alternate takes. I actually happen to like them very much.

When I went about creating the image for my Liger I started by using micron pens. I drew the Liger on some brown recycled paper. The image looked good I thought but I wanted to add some color so I scanned it. I would use Photoshop to alter the art. After some tweaks here and there I added color. I then added some background creating some elements myself and adding in others using some photos obtained on the internet. I guess it is like sampling in music. So I cut everything together and this was the image I came up with.

After sitting with this one for a while I decided I wanted to add something to it. i thought a sexy Liger like this would like some sky so I delivered it for him. Here is what that looked like.

I then went further to add more depth to both the foreground and background. After all this is a Liger we are talking about. Only the best for Ligers. Here is the last one for today all dolled up.

From here I had to create the Tigon image. I did this in the same fashion as the Liger. Then it was a matter of adding in this lesser create. I was loath to do it at first but then I realized how dominate the Liger would look so I went for it. If you want to see that remember to head over to Wonder Smitten.

Here is a picture of Meatloaf. Look at him and know he is awesome. There is no stopping the loaf.

Have a great weekend,


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Thursday, November 20, 2008

On the Topics of Cheating and Telling the Truth

Posting is something I usually try and do earlier in the day. I wake up do some stuff around the house, take a shower and then sit down at my computer. Most days I check my email before I write my post. Today while checking my email I saw an interesting blurb on the Yahoo home page. The headline was, "Integrity Costs Golfer Dearly", intriguing.

I followed the link to the full article by Yahoo Sports writer Jay Busbee. The article basically goes over how a golfer, J.P. Hayes, showed some guts and reported that he had committed a foul while playing in Qualifying School (it was abbreviated Q-School in the article). This will apparently cost him a spot on this years PGA Tour. If you want to read the full article click here.

Amazingly honest right? He made a slight error that now cost him a year on the biggest tour in golf. Would you be able to do something like that? I know for Hayes it was probably a bit easier to make the choice, he has apparently made over seven million golfing so far, but still it must have been hard.

When I read a story like this it renews my faith in America. Most people here in the good 'ol US of A would screw someone over in a heartbeat. Watching out for number one is the norm here. Think about how many times you have selfishly done something solely for your benefit. When you then factor in a person looking out for themselves and their family I would have to say the integrity rate would go down, big time.

While J.P. Hayes's choice to report his fault is not a great sacrifice on a grand scale like going to war for your country it is something to admire. Thinking about how people will climb over each other to get ahead is a bit sickening. To me it is good to read about someone who did the right thing. Again I am not trying to make this a huge deal, I just want to point out that integrity is important. Now I just hope Mr. Hayes has as much integrity in the rest of his life :^)

One last point on this integrity and then I promise no more posts about morality for a while. This article really made me think while reading it. It reminded me of all of the so called "smart kids" in school. When these kids had a chance they were the first ones to cheat nine out of ten times. I am not sure if you guys out there have had this experience with the "brainiacs" but I can state for a fact this is the truth. Through my primary education experience and beyond these students were the ones that bent or broke the rules.

Remembering this got me thinking even more. I wonder how these people behave today. Are they fine upstanding citizens? For the most part I am sure they are. Most people along the way make a bad choice or have fallen into bad habits. But can a tiger really change it's stripes? I mean can I honestly say to myself that when people see that a type of behavior gets them what they want, even if this behavior morally wrong, that they will stop doing it? I hope the answer is yes but in my heart I feel it is a definite no. I mean look at the heads of Ford, GM, and Chrysler who took private jets to Washington to beg for money. If you need money that bad cut back on some shit. That is the true American way. Think of yourself before anyone else and that really sucks.

What a downer huh? Well I will try to make it up to you a little bit with this Tiger I drew. This was drawn in a recycled paper pad with micron pens. I scanned it into Motherbox and did some editing.

Please enjoy and have an excellent Thursday. I promise to not complain so much. Well I promise not to complain so much for a little while.

I, I, Me, Me, Mine,


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On The Subjects of Experts and Hockey

The Islanders have won the past three games they have played. This team was predicted by all the hockey "experts" to be the worst this year. Now while I do not think they will win the Stanley Cup and have slim hopes that they will make the playoffs I have to say they are not the worst team in the league.

Right now the Islanders are better than four of the teams in the thirty team league. Not that great but if you continue to look at the standings you will see that they are tied in points with four additional teams. If you were to look even further you would see they are one point or two points behind four more teams two of which are in their division. So I would say they are not as bad as many "experts" would have you believe.

Pausing on the topics of experts for a minute, lets discuss. What makes an expert? Merriam-Webster's online dictionary defines being an expert as having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge derived from training or experience. If you look up the definition of experience you find that it has a few to offer. You can view all of the definitions here. The one that concerns being an expert would be best described in this case by using the following definition from those listed.

2 a: practical knowledge, skill, or practice derived from direct observation of or participation in events or in a particular activity
b: the length of such participation "has 10 years' experience in the job"

So an expert is someone who has directly observed, participated in or worked in a certain field for a time. This makes sense. That being said I think you could find fault with many "expert" opinions. Here is a large example that I wrote about recently.

Seeing that experts can be wrong should not be shocking. An expert is basically a weatherman who just guesstimates shit. I do not think you can fault them when they are wrong sometimes. No, I find the fault when an "expert" does not admit to being wrong. To me it is not very becoming when an "expert" is overly vehement with their opinions. After all that is what their "expert" analysis is, opinions.

That brings us back to the Islanders. They beat the Vancouver Canucks, a team six points ahead in the standings, on Monday night. This victory was all the sweeter because the Vancouver Sun called the Islanders a doormat. While watching the game the Islanders announcer's, Billy Jaffe and Howie "The Toatl Douche" Rose, discussed how papers and "experts" in Canada were saying the Islanders should be no problem for the Canucks. They actually quoted one paper, the name escapes me, who said it was a no-brainer that the Canucks would beat the Isles. Well in your face Canada, here is your slice of Humble Pie!

So I guess my main point with this post is do not believe everything you read or hear. So called "experts" can be wrong just like weathermen. Go out and find your own voice and get your own opinions. Also the Islanders rule.



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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Barack Obama Collects Comics!

Holy crap Barack Obama collects comics. I could not believe it when I read it. A nerd is in the White House! Here is the story for those who may want to check it out.

So Barack Obama truly is a president for everyone. He collects Spider-man and Conan the Barbarian comics. Spider-man was one of my favorites when I was younger. I still like some of the older weirder Steve Ditko issues. The character has an endearing human quality when written well. He also beats up some very well designed supervillans and that is always fun. He is a classic in the superhero genre.

For me hearing that the president elect was a Spider-man collector was pretty cool. Hearing that he read Conan though made me freak for a second. I literally thought, "Holy shit he likes two of my favorite comics! Wow I should have aimed for the presidency." and got a bit depressed before realizing that I would have been terrible at politics. I tell the truth and think people should obey the law. I would never have made it through any political doors at all. I would have been like political Krytonite.

Aside from my brief thoughts on the political aspect of the situation I was pumped about Obama reading Conan. It shows he knows his stuff. Conan the Barbarian had some great art and a some great stories during its heyday. From Barry Smith to John Buscema drawing and having the stories written by Roy Thomas there are many great issues in the early run of Conan. I have even posted about how it was the comic that made me want to collect comics here. How can you argue with two great selections like this? Spider-man and Conan the Barbarian, radical.

I guess the one thing you could say is he should not be reading kid stuff anymore. I mean who wants the leader of the free world to read something light hearted during his down time? Think about it do you want the president to read about guys running around in tights hitting each other? Who would want to see guys in tights hit each other? Not any football fans that I know that is for sure.

So I say go get 'em Barack! The best of luck with cleaning up the mess that good 'ol G.W. left for us all. Maybe you could be like a super president and actually get some really great things accomplished during your time in office. I hope so sir.



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Monday, November 17, 2008

Fighting the Resession One Ninja At a Time!

Have no fears about your dwindling savings! Do not throw yourself out of a window! No need to panic! Samurai Dog is here to save the day!

Happy Monday,


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