Tuesday, October 23, 2007


The third issue of SUPER! is complete and is available for purchase. This issue took a while to complete but until you start signing my checks I don't want to hear any complaints. Making these comics takes a lot of time. This issue also cost me a part of my finger. Yes that is right I cut a piece of my finger off while putting copies of this issue together. It happened on the train ride down to SPX. X-acto met finger and finger lost. Fun for all on the regional Amtrak to Washington Union Station.

Speaking of SPX, the show went well. Good people and good times. Mediocre sales were kind of a bitch. I think it may have been due to the fact that our table was surrounded by a black hole of bad comics and annoying people. Our table had a force field of shit around it that kept some people away. I did have several people who bought stuff last year come over to the table. That made the sliced piece of finger worth it. I also got to met some very nice new people. Plus I got some great comics, which I need to read. The table was also split with Christine, Mike and Chris Cornwell hence the our table thing.

Enough about SPX for now though. Maybe a full post in the future? I don't know. What I do know is SUPER! Three is the awesome. From start to finish there is a nice flow throughout. I think this is the best issue yet. I feel that all three issues have a nice easy cohesion. They work together very well. This issue makes me look forward to working on the fourth.

Issue (3) is put together similar to issue number two. A sixteen page mini, this time bound with a rubber band, that comes packed in an envelope with two buttons and to stickers. I really treated the envelope as more of a cover this time. That had always been my intention but I think with this issue it is more evident. The comic starts with the envelopes cover and as you get to the first page of the mini you are already going into the comic. The buttons are both also taken this time from the comic. Here are some pictures. The first is the envelope cover image followed by pages one, two and three. The next two are eight and nine, I think. Sorry if the images are a bit blurry. If a bunch of you out there on the internets buy my comics I may be able to get a new camera in the future. That would be fun. The next two images are the buttons that come with the issue. I hope you likes. The cost is the same as usual $3.00 with $1.00 for shipping.

There is also a limited "Fun Pack" edition of this issue. While working on this comic ideas began to float in my head about making a print to go with the issue. That turned into a printed cover which lead to a separate print which was followed by a cigarette "place holder" sculpture and an additional button. Yeah this comes with a lot of beautiful stuff. The pack also comes with four stickers and the whole thing is packed in a poly bag with is sealed with a stapled card. Each of the cards are hand drawn. Here are some pictures so you can see everything that comes in the "Fun Pack" edition.

The first images are of two copies I have assembled. The next two are of the front and back of each of the copies. Here you can also see the cards that I hand made for each of these copies. Again sorry for the blurry images (buy my comics to get me a new camera). Next are images of the print that comes in the pack titled Dirty. This was printed on a few different kinds of card stock with red ink. Next is the Gocco printed cover. This was printed on Kraft paper with black, red and white ink. The "Place Holder" Cigarette was made with Crayola Model Magic, colored with enamel paint markers and wrapped in plastic wrap. I know it looks tasty but do not eat it. Trust me it won't taste good. Lastly we have the button that comes with only this edition. This is probably my favorite button ever. The SUPER! issue three "Fun Pack" costs $8.00 plus $1.00 shipping.

While working on the issue and specifically the buttons for the issue I ended up creating some extra designs. I decided to turn these into buttons that are availably individually. The images that follow are of these buttons. You probably figured that out from the layout of the rest of this post. Up first is Dance Love followed by Chunk, RBW, Werewolf Grey and Werewolf Brown. These are all one inch buttons. These are two buttons for $1.00. I have to figure out the shipping but it would probably be whatever one stamp is or nothing if you are buying anything else from MKIS.

If all that wasn't enough for one post, I also have a print of the cover that I am working on cutting. This is not going to be cut on a train so I am hoping not to cut another piece of myself off. This was printed on cardstock with white hot pink and grey inks. The final size is around 3 x 5 I think. Yeah so here are some pictures of the image. It is taken from the covers.

So there it all is. Third issue out now, I need a new camera, missing part of finger blah, blah, blah. Both the first and second issues are still available. Buy like ten copies of each in hopes that someday people will realize my true genius and each copy will be worth like a bunch of cash. Yeah that sounds pretty good. The Wolfboy shirt and buttons and sets are also still available. Sorry to be pushing stuff this time. Next post will be fun and full of either stupid jokes or maybe a review. Who knows maybe even some new comics greatness.

Next Time,

P.S. fuck the police!


Blogger Conrad said...

I don't think I'll understand what these cigarette place holders are until I see one, but maybe for the next issue you should make some Mortekai tequila shot glasses.

Could those be made out of clay too? Maybe you can just use those little paper cups that dentists use and draw a picture on it.

Paper shot glasses + artwork = class.

6:57 PM, October 26, 2007  
Anonymous Chris said...

...comin' straight from the (comi[x]) underground!

I'm totally doing the Spongebob comic (Spunj Baahb). Maybe I'll get sued by Nickelodeon; there's no such thing as bad publicity?

11:11 PM, November 04, 2007  

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