Wednesday, June 28, 2006

To place an order please step up to the window...

"Hello and welcome to Mortekai is SUPER!, can I please take your order?" That would be great if I had a drive through window. Everyone could drive up and be like, "Hey I will take a copy of SUPER! and a Mortekai Button Set." and the I would go, "How about a please with that?" and then it would be all, "Screw you!" and, "The customer is always right!" and then a brawl would break out. A raging testosterone filled brawl. Buttons, mini comics, teeth and tears would be flying all over the place. Hmm, maybe it is a good thing I do not have a drive through window. But I can tell you how to order SUPER! and the Mortekai Button Set through the internet or by using snail mail, it is simple and easy.

Here is a list of items that are available at this time. Ok here it is the list (with pictures!):

*SUPER! Issue One Mini Comic*
This is the first issue of my mini comic called SUPER!

Issue one contains two eight page mini comics. The comics are about love, loss, pain, war, happiness, and life. They are meant to be read in any order working off of each other. Both minis are full color. The package also contains two buttons and two stickers.

There are two cover choices, monster or flower. Take a look at the image to see what they look like. Let me know your preference and I will try and accommodate you.


*SUPER! Issue Two Mini Comic*
This is the second issue of my mini comic SUPER!

Issue two contains one sixteen page mini comic with a floss binding. This issue again has a variety of stories and images. In addition this issue contains the seven page story titled, "Oh GOD" about a strange addiction. Colorful and vibrant this issue of SUPER! also comes with two buttons and two stickers.

I think this issue is keen and I think you will too!



*Mortekai Button Set One*
This is the first Mortekai Button Set.
This set includes four 1" pinback style buttons. The colors featured are pink, white and black. The buttons are super cool I promise.


*Mortekai Button Set Two the Roomates*
This is the second Mortekai Button Set. The title of the set is the Roommates.

This set includes four 1" pinback style buttons. The pins included are of three roommates and the plant that their neighbor gave to them. They all cherish this plant. The reason is that each of the roomates secretly has a crush on their neighbor. Awww poor love sick roommates. These buttons are sweet, I swear.


*Wolfboy Shirt (Mens/Womens)*
"Wolfboy" is the first screenprinted shirt from Mortekai Clothing. Three colors were used in the printing process. The image is printed on a Jade Dome colored Gildan shirt. The tee is 100% preshrunk cotton, 6.1 oz., heavyweight, seamless collar, taped shoulder-to-shoulder, fully double-needle stitched.

"Wolfboy" is one of the Roommates series. This series is also represented in the second Mortekai Button set titled "Roommates'.

I have the following sizes available. Please indicate which size you would like when you place your order.


*Everything From Mortekai is SUPER! But The Kitchen Sink*
So with this set you get a Wolfboy shirt, the first and second button sets and the first and second issues of my mini comic SUPER! If you decide to purchase this set it will probably be the best decision of your life.


Individual Buttons, SUPER! issue three, prints and many other items will be available soon!!


To order from me please email me,, first to let me know you want to order something.


Shipping for each copy of SUPER! or a Button Set, will be one dollar each ($1.00).

Shipping for the Wolfboy Shirt will be three dollars each ($3.00)

Shipping for Everything from Mortekai but the kitchen sink will be five dollars ($5.00)


You could send the payment through PayPal. Make all payments to this email address:

You could also send a check, a money order, or cash to:

Kevin Breslawski
66 Laurel Drive
Smithtown NY 11787

(Please write Mortekai is SUPER! on the envelope someplace)

You could also go to my ETSY shop Mortekai is SUPER! to purchase these items.

Thanks for the support


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