Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween is for Halloweenies

Pete and Pete ruled it big time. I feel sorry for the kids growing up with Nickelodeon today. These poor bastards have to watch crap like Drake & Josh or ICarly. Nickelodeon is fucking terrible these days. Those shows are going to be the reason these kids grow up without souls. So to thank Nickelodeon for turning the youth of today into soulless zombies I give you Pete and Pete's "Halloweenie". Thanks Nick for once being cool and for creating the monsters of tomorrow!

Parte Uno

Teil Zwei

Bun San

And for further enjoyment here is the Pete & Pete short "Halloween."

So have a fun Halloween. Be careful and try not to get too crazy. Have fun dressing up in outrageous outfits and trick or treating. Remember to check the candy for razor blades. Oh and if someone gives you pennies or pencils or some other crap you gotta egg that house or at least throw up some TP.

If partying with costumes on is more your thing go for it! Make sure to do a shot of Tequila for me. After that do a Car Bomb. If the bartender asks you what kind of Car Bomb you want get the fuck out of that bar because you do not want to be there. There is only one Car Bomb sir and it is Irish and anyone who tells you otherwise is an uneducated liar who is trying to make some terrible drink sound cool.

Jager Bombs!


P.S. I hope someone eggs Mike Francesa's house. He refused to eat turds so screw him.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Come on Joe Madden!

Grant Balfour?!?! You went with Grant "Good Day Mate" Balfour?!?! Why Joe Madden? Oh dear God, Why?

Watching the last three innings of game five of the World Series last night was like watching the aftermath of a car wreck. There was carnage everywhere. In addition to the carnage I had to watch that douche Geoff Jenkins dance all over second base after getting a hit. Apparently his wife also gave birth to a son earlier in the day. Congrats on the kid, shame on you for that gay celebration. Eat it Geoff.

Anyway Balfour was already in the game which had started two days prior. If you did not know already the game got called going into the bottom of the sixth tied at 2-2 and was resumed last night after major rainage. So here we are Jenkins gets a hit, some other crap happens bing bang boom the Phillies are up a run. Dammit.

After that Rocco Baldelli came through big time with a homer and tied the game. This was a great moment for the Rays and Baldelli who has been battling Mitochondrial disease all year long. He may have also been battling it last year but I am not sure and I will not be checking. So here comes Baldelli, who had 80 at bats all year, to the plate and he jacks one out of the park. This homer came off of Ryan Madsen who had been lights out since the end of August.

But the bullpen for the Rays would cough up a lead again and that was pretty much it. Thanks J.P. Howell you really did a great job. Pat Burrell got a hit. He was lifted for pinch runner Eric Bruntlett. Shane Victorino grounded out sending Bruntlet to third. Then Pedro Feliz got a one off of Chad Bradford with the infield pulled in. The Phillies were ahead for good.

Now onto the biggest question of the night. Why no David Price from the restart of the game? What could you possibly have been thinking Joe Madden? I ask you What? David Price throws harder than hard and had been great so far in the post season. He also had shown he was capable of going multiple innings. I cannot fathom why he was not in the game when it counted. Bringing him in when the Phillies were ahead was a horrible joke. The only answer that I can come up with is Madden had placed a huge bet on the Phillies to win in five. Maybe he bet his house or something.

I am not even going to talk about the play Chase Utley made. Screw Chase Utley. I really hate him. I hope he puked up champagne last night.

So it was a bitter night. When I woke up today I was a bit frustrated. Thinking the whole thing over though I was able to find two silver linings.

One being all of the Met fans that I know have to choke on the fact that the Phillies won the World Series. Actually it is a bit worse than that. They have to choke on the fact that they let the Phillies into the playoffs and the Phillies won the championship. That really must hurt. Eat it Met fans.

The other being that Mike Francesa would have to eat a ton of shit today. Yesterday he shouted down any caller that brought up not using David Price to restart the game last night. A few callers actually suggested what Madden ended up doing. Now while that decision back fired big time they were right in guessing what Madden would do. Francesa was wrong as a motha fucka. So he should belly up to the table and eat a ton o crap and apologize to the people he disrespected yesterday. I listen to him because I enjoy sports talk but I cannot stand his attitude or how he treats callers. Eat up Mike!


So far he has not eaten one speck of poop. I have little faith that Mike will admit how wrong he was. He is going to leave the whole steaming plate of crap sitting there uneaten.

He did however bring up another contradiction. One caller yesterday brought up the ratings that this suspended game would draw. Mike stated he thought they would do over a ten but would not get much higher. The caller thought the number could get as high as a fourteen. Mr. Francesa confidently asserted that the caller was getting a bit nuts. The numbers would not get to fourteen. He urged the caller to not get crazy. Can you guess what the number Mike reported was today? FOURTEEN! Mike rolled it off as impressive but again did not acknowledge how wrong he was yesterday. Mike come on eat the shit, eat the whole god damn plate.


P.S. The umpires screwed the Rays. Check that one out for yourself.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quick Sketch...

Pen and Ink of the blue and red variety along with highlighter highlights. This was a quick sketch done on a piece of loose leaf. Please enjoy!


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Don't Break It...

This piece is called "don't break it." This was done on canvas with paint markers. I think I made a light pencil sketch first before I put the paint done. This would also be part of the "series" of paintings that I have been posting over the past month. I hope you enjoy it.

I realized I had not posted any new art in a while so I thought I would change that. Tomorrow may be more art or more writing depending on what thoughts come to me before I sit done at my computer. I have been thinking lately about wealth lately and the way it is used and held. I have also been thinking about the way people treat each other and value the individual over society. Ugh, I won't ruin the art by ranting now. Let's all wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Maybe a beer review sometime this week to lighten things up?


p.s. I know this is the second "don't break it" that I have posted.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

We Live in a Barbaric World

We live in a Barbaric world. At least according to Albany Councilman Jimmy Scalzo we do. Crazy right? I thought we, humanity or at least maybe America, had moved past barbarism. Not the case I guess, mint. Here is Scalzo's exact quote taken from the Times Union.

"We live in a barbaric world, unfortunately," Scalzo said. "It's unexplainable, really, this type of violence."

Yeah that sucks. It really sucks that he is stating what he feels is fact. We live in a barbaric world and he cannot explain the violence. Wow that is completely terrible. Maybe can we look into prevention if we do not know how to explain it? That would be a good start, preventing violence may end the violence hence no need for explanation.

Here is another quote from the same Times Union story.

Albany Councilman Jimmy Scalzo, who lives on Yates, called the area a solid neighborhood.

So it is a solid neighborhood in a barbaric world where violence cannot be explained? Is it possible to have a multiple statement oxymoron? This shit blew my mind when I read it. I came across these statements while reading an article about a shooting that occurred last Monday.

This article form the Time's Union goes over it all. The long and short of the story is a kid was walking home after watching Monday night football when we got shot in the head. He was a senior at UAlbany and hailed from Long Island.

The police had no leads at the time the article was written. They recovered no weapon. They had no suspects. I did a light search and have not found any follow up articles. I feel really bad for this kids family because it does not feel like they will find the person or persons responsible for this.

Now I was not going to post anything about this. It is not something I really want to write about. I really do not know what to say other than to express how fucked up it is. There are a million other people who can write a million better articles to explain it all better than I can.

The thought of writing a post came to me following something that occurred this past Saturday morning. After spending the night at a friend's house I decided to walk home. A friend who lives in the same direction as I do also wanted to leave so we walked out together. On the way down Ontario Street we walked by a crime scene.

At the time I was unsure of what had happened. We came upon the scene fairly quickly after we left my friend's place. There was police tape blocking a large area off. A few streets were totally blocked and it looked like a sizable investigation was under way. We continued on our walk quickly. Stopping and checking things out would not have been a good idea. What we had just seen sparked a conversation about the shooting and violence in general. I did not check into what had taken place until today after I read a food critic was attacked. You can read about that here

After reading the article about Steve Barnes and friend I was curious to see what had happened on Saturday morning. This is the article I found. Apparently we missed walking by a stabbing by a few moments.

So now that is an attack, a stabbing and a shooting. All in one week. If you read the article on the shooting there was also an attempted mugging and a full on mugging last Monday night. The shooting and the stabbing happened blocks from each other and in the same neighborhood. The same neighborhood that is solid but also barbaric.

After coming across Councilman Scalzo's quote I had to write something. Saturday morning made me think about it but reading the articles today and those quotes really did it. Can people stop killing, stabbing and victimizing each other? Please?

This is really insane to me. If you add up all of the events and crimes from the past week and add in the over 100 car break ins over the past few months it is shocking. You could also add in my stolen gas cap as well as the others that were stolen from around Washington park as well as the car that was broken into on our block. Even the police were robbed.

It is a slight comfort to know that the cops can catch a crook. Well they can catch a crook if the crook gets caught on camera. Well they didn't get him after that really. They actually ended up getting him because people called in with his identity. They were able to arrest two suspects in the stabbing. They also caught a few people they feel are responsible for several of the car break ins.

These crimes should never have happened. I'm sorry this post is really all over the place. I just hope that people can realize that if we all stop fucking each other over we may actually get some where.


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Friday, October 24, 2008

I Felt Like Writing Something Today But Then...

I really could not think of anything. I woke up today feeling really happy. Like really happy. Like Christmas morning happy.

Christine stayed home today so we layed in bed with Francine and Shelby. I woke up and did some banking stuff, some computer stuff, and a few other things around the apartment. The wood floors chill your feet a bit while you walk around. There is a cold winter morning feeling in the apartment today.

So waking up and feeling like it was Christmas was awesome. Christine is making what I guess you would call brunch now as I type this. So I could not think of anything that I needed to write about. Right now there are no things I want to mock, no one who needs to be called an a-hole and I do not even feel like posting any art. I just feel happy.

So I wish you all a morning like this,


P.S. I also am psyched because I will e going to Brown's Brewing Company in Troy at seven tonight. This weekend is starting off awesome.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Howie Rose A Total Douche

I have discovered the reason why the New York Mets and the New York Islanders always get screwed. The reason is the mega jinx that goes by the name Howie Rose. Howie does the Mets radio broadcasts and the Islanders TV broadcasts. I swear to you dear friends he is a jinx of the highest order and a total douche.

Howie Rose is a mega mush. He is more of a mush than Eddie Mush they character that gets thrown into a closet in A Bronx Tale. Watching an Islander game is completely nerve racking. Howie "Fish Face" Rose does not let a game go by without throwing out a hex or two. If you do not believe in jinxes or hexes I ask you to watch a game with me, you will become a believer.

I sat down and turned on the Islander's game tonight expecting a fifty-fifty chance of winning. The Isles are playing the Stars, the game is still on as I am typing, who have not really been shining too brightly so far this season. A win was not out of the question at the start of the game. The Isles even had a defenseman, Chris Campoli, coming back off of an injury that kept him out since last January.

Fat chance of things looking up for long though. About thirty seconds into the game he mentioned that Mike Ribeiro has been cold so far this year after coming off of an 83 point performance last season. Guess who got an assist at 3:30 of the first? You got it good old Mike Ribeiro.

Do you think that fed the jinx? No way dear reader not by a long shot! Mr. Ribeiro also got an assist at 14:13 and at 18:22. This is his first career three assist game. Are you picking up what I am putting down here? Howie Rose is jinx made human.

So at the top of the broadcast, as stated, Howie mentioned that Chris Campoli was coming back from an injury. About nine minutes or so into the game the not so unbelievable happened. Brendan Witt who is probably the most important defenseman on the Islanders was injured. Howie Rose strikes again! Good old HR was saying how important Witt was and guess what? Boom injury, that's what. Howie Rose you unholy bastard why?

I ask all of the Mets and Islander fans out there to join together with me and petition to have Howie taken off of the air. I cannot take much more of this. Year after year of watching games where you team is clinging to a lead only to see it crumble before the might of Rose is becoming too much to bear. Howie must be stopped. He is the anti-Christ of sports.

I really cannot take much more,


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A List Of A Few Things Which Are Alright

1.) Brewery Ommegang's Chocloate Indulgence. I had this on draft Tuesday at Mahar's. It had a nice chocolate smell and a pleasing taste that had a pleasing soft bitterness.

2.) Hammer Films Horror of Dracula. This movie is out of sight. I think it is the combination of Technicolor, British accents and excellent sets that make it good. Peter Cushing being the man adds to the films radness. Christopher Lee is also good in this film although I wish he got was given more dialouge. I would also recommend checking out the other Hammer Dracula films. While they get more kitschy the further removed from this film they are all still worth a viewing.

3.) Apple's Ipod Touch. My brother Mikey gave me his Ipod Touch to borrow. I was skeptical at first if this device was even worth bothering with. A few friends have the Ipod touch or Iphone and while cool I was not blown away by them. Let me tell you I have now been blown. You need to borrow one or really try one out to get the full experience. Ipod touch is the goodness.

4.) Sillysoft game's Lux Touch for the Ipod Touch. Another great thing for the touch is all of the free downloadable content. Actually I guess you could count this as a negative also. Downloading and trying out games and applications can waste a ton of time. Anyway Lux is kinda like a simple version of Risk. I have been addicted to it since I first tried it. World domination at your finger tips, awesome.

5.) Lexcyle's Stanza Ereader. This is an application that allows you to download and read books on your Ipod Touch. This balances out the mind numbing affect that Lux and other games can have on your melon. The application connects to several libraries from which you can download content. The best thing is you can download hundreds of classic books for free. The files are also small enabling you to store hundreds on you Ipod. They are also laid out nicely and are very easy to read.

Okay so this turned into a bit of an Ipod Touch commercial. I think it is a fun device but I would not buy one for myself unless they end up going down in price. If that happens though it means another mo betta Ipod has arrived. This new improved Ipod will probably be able to fly or teleport or make you dinner. Something much better will be available when the Touch is cheaps.

For what is left of the month when it comes to films I would recommend over dosing on horror movies. You know you want to. The bright red fake blood, the gore galore, the creepy music all make horror movies fun. October means two things horror movies and baseball. Well I guess you could also claim October means Pumpkin spice beer and Girls in slutty Halloween costumes. Go to a party, drink Pumpkin spice beer, find a girl wearing a slutty costume and get her to watch scary movies with you. That should cover most of what October represents. If you are a woman substitute a guy for the girl. If you are into girls and are a girl you do not have to make said substitution. I think this is a good plan for everyone.

Go try a new beer,



Indian Ladder Farms Apple Cider Donuts. These are fucking awesome.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something I Saw Today In Albany

I had to return Horror of Dracula to the Albany Public Library Main Branch today. Doing so meant a short walk around town. Such a walk would also mean without a doubt I would see a thing or two that would either be odd or interesting. That is Albany.

Walking down Lark Street toward Central Avenue, where the library is located, I came upon an interesting sight. Outside of Bomber's Burrito Bar there was a large lady sitting, half slumped over, on the steps. This was peculiar because it was a cold outside and it was also raining lightly making sitting on these steps surely an unpleasant thing.

I continued on walking slowly and looking back a few times toward Bomber's. I thought about trying to see if the woman needed help. She may have been sick or hurt. However I did not know for sure and the people inside Bomber's probably had called for help already. There is also the fact that for some reason trying to get in touch with the police for any reason other than an emergency or if you have a boot on your car is nigh impossible in Albany.

I arrived at the library a few moments and a few blocks later. There are always men, who look a bit homeless, gathered around outside the entrance to the library. For the most part they seem harmless. On a past visit I saw one guy seemingly pulling up and refastening his pants but I could have been mistaken. Today one of the security guards for the branch was talking with them so they must be alright.

I popped in and out of the library quickly. All I had to do was drop off the DVD I had borrowed. I made my way back out onto Central avenue heading toward Lark street. Passing by the bus stop on the corner of Central and Lark I got to see some interesting characters who possessed an even more interesting fashion sense. I want to ride the bus but I feel like I would need to bring a cross, some silver bullets and a hazmat suit.

As I made my way down Lark I heard a fire engine coming. I paused to take a look at it speeding by. It was a blazing red blur. Putting my head down I continued on. The air was really cold and crisp. I could smell a wood burning fire. When I next picked up my head I was staring at the engine that had just passed me. It was pulled up right outside of Bomber's.

My first instinct was apparently on the money. A lady slumped over on a set of steps on a cold rainy day needs help. There were firemen checking her when I got to the Bomber's side of the street. I passed by as a few other emergency vehicles were pulling up. The men were using an electronic devices on the woman. It looked similar to the ones that they advertise on t.v. to check your blood sugar if you have diabetes. She looked tired, beat.

I didn't want to get in the way so I continued home. Walking on Willett street I saw an ambulance coming down Madison avenue toward Lark. An ambulance was the one emergency vehicle that was not parked outside of Bomber's when I passed. They seem to have a slower response time than fire trucks. I continued toward home. My door was another block down.

So that is something I saw today in Albany. I hope the lady is okay. I am sure the emergency medical technicians will be able the situation.

kevin b.

p.s. This is a calmer post because I am sure that my head will explode all over the Internet again soon enough. The people here at the shitty ass Willett Apartments want to charge us a yearly FIVE HUNDRED dollar pet fee. One of the reasons we moved in here was because we had pets and liked the maintenance they promised. So far these bitches have failed to deliver big time. More as the situation develops because I am getting pissed just writing this.

p.p.s. I have to write about the insanity that is the Albany public Library one time. Yikes.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Let's Go Rays!

The Rays pulled it off on Sunday. They managed to stop the Red Sox, yuck, from going to the World Series. Praise Jeebus! Between Crapplebon's celebration antics and Kevin Pukekils's terrible batting stance I would not have been able to take it if the Sawox won another title. What the heck is up with that anyway? Did hell actually freeze over when the Eagles got back together?

Whatever the reason they won in the past they do not get a chance at a title this year. Have fun not playing baseball a-holes. Boo hoo bean town, maybe next year. This means the last to first Rays get a chance to bring a world championship to Tampa Bay.

I hope they are able to do it. I kinda don't like the Philles. That Chase Utley rubs me the wrong way. I wish he wouldn't rub me at all but he keeps sneaking up on me. He is shockingly quick and has a ninja like degree of stealth. I want somebody to give Chase some Tic Tacs so he sounds like a baby rattle when he walks. That way I can be ready for him.

Suck it Chase Utley,


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Weekend Update

I cannot wait to not have to hear, see or read the name Sarah Palin ever again. The election cannot come soon enough. She has a gigantic head. Seriously look at this cranium.

She has the jawline of a man. Samson could use that thing to fend off a thousand Philistines. Think about that one for a while.

Happy Sunday,


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Friday, October 17, 2008

Have a Good Weekend

Go look at some dinosaur fossils.

Run through a corn maze.

Go try cross country skiing without any snow.

Just hang out with your awesome dog.



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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Smiley smile...

I got a text message that my friends want to get some Harp Lager and go drink it. I asked where did they get the idea for Harp? Not surprisingly the answer was out of thin air. Antwuan said that Harp just got into his head. He said he only had it once at Irish Fest 2000 but wants to get his Harp on today. I think I may go with them since they are going to Oliver's Beverage which is an awesome place to get beer.

Here is the image for today. I guess these smile paint marker pieces are part of a series. This was done with paint markers on canvas. Enjoy!

So far so good today just a little bit of rain. Things are going pretty good. I took Shelby for a rainy walk/run that was fun. Here is a picture of Shelby, I will get a better one soon.

Please universe let things keep going well,


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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Spoonful of Sugar

Canvas and paint markers. I think this was the first one of these I did.

A Better Tomorrow,


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Congratulations Universe You Win

I could not even get twenty four hours. In fact it was only about an hour, maybe a bit more, since I put up the last post. That is right I have taken another one in the ass.

I decided to get the mail today. I have the only key to our mail box here in the crappy Willett Apartments. I saw a Time Warner cable bill in there today. Now I have not seen a Time Warner bill, ever. Christine says she takes care of that bill as well as the electric. Would you call being almost three months in bills behind taking care of it?


So I guess now I have to pay this bill or it will never be paid. God knows if our lights will remain on with the way the woman has been handling the bills. I really have to hand it to whoever makes my life a series of non-stop annoyance. I could not come up with half of the shit that comes at me out of left field. Congratulation universe, you win.

By the way did I mention that Christine also got the boot on my car? Guess how much? Removing the boot cost me three hundred and thirty five dollars. Now try and guess how much of that money I will ever get back.



P.S. Christine is one ticket away from a boot herself.


Gas Cap

I went on a little trip to the grocery store today. Actually I only went to the store because I tried to connect to the Internet earlier and I was unable to do so. Big surprise my Netgear Wireless Router shit the bed. This router is completely terrible. I guess the only good thing is the router is free and gets replaced by Time Warner Cable. So needing eats and a new router I headed out this afternoon.

Half way to the store I realized that I could use some gas. I pulled into a station on Madison Avenue and proceeded to go through the motions of pumping gas. To my mother FUCKING shock I did not have a gas cap. I had the pump in my hand and was ready to unscrew the cap when I noticed that my cap was gone.


Now while this did take away the need for me to unscrew the cap, which was a bit convenient, it also meant that I now DO NOT HAVE A GAS CAP. Thinking about it not having a gas cap is more of an inconvenience than just being able to jam the pump in my car without unscrewing anything. So much for looking at the bright side of things.

Do I need to mention that a lot of random dumb annoying shit happens to me all the time?

SO now having a broken router and no gas cap I headed to the store and got my grocery shopping on. This was the least aggravating portion of my day. Picking out the food was easy and I think I got a few deals. After the Supermarket Sweep I headed across the street to the Time Warner Cable building. Still no gas cap at this point.

Exchanging the router was thankfully painless. I spent a few minutes waiting in line before getting to the counter. When I got to the counter it took a minute or two to give my information before a new router was brought out. Like I said the routers suck big time but they do replace them for free. The only real hassle is I have to go out of the way to pick up a new router.

Replacing my gas cap was also not a hassle really. Again I had to drive a bit out of the way to find a Jeep dealership but it was not that far away. I decided to go with a lock and key gas cap this time. Did I forget to mention that the reason, I think, for my gas cap not being around is gas siphoning. Someone drove down my block, or more likely walked, and siphoned gas out of several cars.

Is shit really going that bad right now?

After talking to Christine I found out that there were gas caps laying around in the park by our apartment the other day. Christine apparently had seen them and thought nothing of it. I wish I could have thought nothing of it. Twenty two dollars later I now am the proud owner of locking gas cap. Hopefully this will deter the gas thieves. I think it will unless the people responsible bring along a lock picking kit with them.

Anyway here is a list. Every single name on this list gets a huge fuck you for today.

Gas Siphoners
The Government
Gas Companies
Car Companies
The Bailout

Happier post tomorrow unless I wake up and some other annoying shit happens. Maybe I will wake up and my leg will fall off. l mean literally fall right off my body as if I were a Ken doll or something. Think about that.

Leave me alone,


p.s. Evan Roberts is a douche.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Plaster Smile

Paint markers on canvas. Please enjoy.



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Monday, October 13, 2008

I Recorded Like Four or Five Dracula Films This Weekend

There was a vampire movie marathon on this past Friday night, which bled into saturday morning. I watched a few before I realized that I could DVR these fangtastic, sorry, films. The Hammer Dracula Films were the big attraction as I had not seen them before. I got the DVR started just as my brother Mikey joined me. We recorded and watched the movies while straining to stay awake. After about a flick and a half my brother and I passed out. Good thing the DVR does not need sleep. I love you DVR.

Anyway Cap's party was Saturday night so I had the first part of the day to spend with my brother and a vampire picture or two. After that I got the lord of awesome Gigam from the Deer Park train station and we went on a trip to pick up supplies and other items, beer, for the nights festivities. After this we had to wait like two hours for my sister to get ready. This was a bit frustrating. Anyway we made it to the party and partying took place.

Long story short Monday rolled around and I had not gotten to watch all of the Dracula films I had recorded. Did I mention that these films are on the DVR at my parents new house? So I guess this means I will have to wait until my next visit home to watch them. I think this will be around Thanksgiving. Son of bitch!

So in honor of the prince of darkness, the son of satan, I give you a print the the head vampire himself Dracula. This print was made a few years ago, print making materials are not easy to get or cheap so shut it. It was printed from a linoleum cut midway through the cutting process. The paper is a newsprint like stock which actually looks great in person. I scanned the print and cleaned it up a bit in photoshop.

Go and watch some vampire movies, now! Make sure to watch the Hammer films if possible they are really great. I honestly do not know if I can explain why I love them other than to say you would have to watch them to really get it. Peter Cushing is the man and Christopher Lee rules.

Taste the blood of Dracula,


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Friday, October 10, 2008

You Are 25 Today, Welcome to Hell

My brother Chris Capiral turns twenty five today. Congratulations little buddy I am proud of you for making it to the quarter century mark. This is a truly amazing accomplishment. I salute you sir!!

For your birthday I thought I would put up a few photos. These will be showing off some of your finer moments. Enjoy the trip down memory lane and the slow but steady race to old age. See you in Hell!


Here is hoping your birthday is pretty good, preeeetttyyy good.

Kevin B.


Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Chris Carlin is Terrible

Here is a crappy paint image of Chris Carlin. He truly is someone I do not enjoy listening to at all. his voice and opinions are terrible. Carlin also takes shots from Mike Francesa like a bitch and never has a come back.

Mike has also been boring since Chris "Mad Dog" Russo went over to satellite. I wish they were still doing Mike and the Mad Dog so I would'nt have to hear him solo or worse with Carlin.

Carlin you suck,


p.s. Don't get me started on Kim Jones

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Happy Day!

Bath Fitter came yesterday, the installers name was Mike, and put in the new tub. To my surprise it took about eleven hours to complete the job. This was because not only did Mike install a new and awesome tub but he also put in new fixtures and new tile! Our bathroom is now the best part of our apartment. From last to first like the Tampa Bay Rays.

I will take pictures of the new tub and post them for viewing tomorrow. I hope the pictures can capture the magnificence of it all. Truly a one hundred and eighty degree turn around. Amazing.

Being happy, so far, today I thought I would put up a happy picture. This image is titled "Dancing" it is from a project called "Shoki." I created this image with ink pens, wish I could remember which, and paint markers on vellum.

Shoki is something I worked on in college and after. The story is based on an old Japanese folk tale. The story will follow the original close diverging here and there. You can use the link Shoki the Demon Slayer. to find out more. This will be a children's book. I hope to have some more work done for it soon.

Happy Day!


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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

George Lucas, A Total Dick?

When you create something and want to share it with people they get to share in the story. George Lucas was the man. This is a fact sir. Indiana Jones and Star Wars were the mintest when I was young. THE MINTEST.

As I write this I am watching a "documentary" on the second disc of "Revenge of the Sith". The doc is called "The Chosen One" and goes about explaining how by adding Episodes I, II and III George Lucas is a genius. False I say.

Watching this I get the feeling that George Lucas is just spouting some bullshit while thoughts of swimming around in his huge money bin back on Skywalker ranch run through his mind. The basic idea of these movies is now supposed to be the story of Anakin becoming a jedi, being seduced by the dark side, becoming Vader and fucking shit up and finally being like "You know what evil is not so cool" ending up being redeemed.

FUCK THAT. You do not have to watch the whole to enjoy a part of something. The first "Lord of the Rings" film was good. I really did not like the last two so I will not be watching them again. The same goes for Star Wars. While I enjoyed some of the fight scenes in "Revenge of the Sith" and it is the most tolerable of the new films, I do not plan on watching it every Thanksgiving or Christmas. I like less douche and more Han Solo with my Tofurkey thanks.

I think it cheapens the other films by having the entire plot of the whole saga coming to rest on Anakin. If you have seen these films you will know how bad the acting and dialogue are. The fun of the original films were just not in Episodes I-III. The fun of the original films came from them being obvious throw backs to other material, same thing with Indiana Jones which may explain why the newest installment also was a huge turd.

Somewhere along the way enough people told George Lucas that his shit didn't stink and he started to believe it. Enter George Lucas the infalable genius and exit George Lucas the creative and exciting pastiche artist. He was the forerunner to Tarantino, the king of taking other people's ideas and slapping them together into something "new" (I will get to him another time). The artistic merit and the morality of this style aside it can result in entertaing cinema.

It was just a sad thing to watch the documentary and see the thoughts that went into making the film. This is the exact opposite of what i was hoping for when I decided to watch the doc. All I got out of it is that I feel these movies do not need to exist.

This story and overall tale is George Lucas's, not mine or anyone elses. He can do what he wants to his films and edit them however he wants. If he feels like going back in and editing Star Wars again so he can sell more copies go for it. Make that bank! This does not mean that he is improving them when he does this. It also means that eventhough he may feel he added to his story I feel he royally screwed it up.

I mean seriously Midi-chlorians, what the fuck?


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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Don't Break It...

This picture, along with three others, is hanging in my living room. The title is "Don't Break It" for this piece. This is on a pre-stretched canvas and was done with paint markers.

Have a great Thursday,


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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Hump Day aka I Forgot to Post One Today...

Christine has been sick the past few days. Actually it might even be a full week at this point but I am not sure. Anyway I was with her since she has been sick and a bit of that sickness may have found its way onto me. I woke up really tired today.

After I woke up I had to walk the dog but I needed a shower first. After that I came back inside and just felt wiped. I really should have finished getting orders together but I can mail them out tomorrow. Feeling tired I forgot to post today, sorry.

I decided to put up this piece today. There is no title. This image was done on canvas, from a pad, with paint markers. I adjusted the colors a bit in Photoshop.

I was originally going to use this piece for the cover to SUPER! issue three but changed my mind at the last moment. That being said this will probably end up being the cover for issue four or another project. I have the image edited for the cover already. Anyway hopefully no more strange tiredness tomorrow.

Have a good hump day,


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