Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Self Obsession

I am trying to do work and watch the Departed today. I think so far I like it. At least it seems like one of those movies you will like after the first time you see it but will seem not as good after several viewings. The cast is good so far and the score is great at most parts. The cinematography and pacing is also enjoyable. Mark Wahlberg's hair is totally nuts though take a look.

Sucks hard rite? Anyway I think it will finish off well. It could be a good thing that Scorsese finally got his Oscar for this. I think it would have made for a better story though if he never won an Oscar. Hitchcock and Kubrick and a bunch of others never got an Oscar and are still considered great directors. Awards truly mean nothing except maybe some more money. Not getting the Oscar would have added to his status as a director in my mind. Build the legend you know? But I guess the recognition is nice also.

Back to the point, the Departed = so far so good. And now here is todays illustration called "Self Obsession".

It was originally done with pencil, pen and ink, and highlighter on cardstock with a white out base. The original is more craggy when you look at it. At the time that I drew this I found myself sometimes complaining about some really unimportant shit. I also was feeling a neglect from the people in my life. I was contributing more than them and I wanted the equation to be balanced out. The text reads "Sick with self obsession" on top followed by, "Me first" on the bottom. I think it came out okay. I may try a larger version.

Ok back to work/movie time,


Monday, February 26, 2007

Home from the cruise and still a little sea sick if that is possible

There are pictures of the seven day awesome fest but rite now I do not have them. I am going to try and get them soon. For now here are a few pictures from my trip to japan. Kinda the same but really not at all.

This picture is of an onigiri shop rite outside of the Tsukiji market. Onigiri are rice balls with a filing of some type I had umeboshi which was good but a little wierd. Click here for more information about Onigiri.

These pictures are from the Tsukiji fish market. Here is a wikipedia link for the market. The first picture is of some tuna that is being auctioned off. The second picture is of one of the fish sellers. There were rows and rows of shops like this. Next is a picture of a shop that sold little brite red shrimps. After purchasing the tuna the fish would be taken and cut up using a huge chainsaw. The third picture shows a worker in the middle of sawing. Finally rite outside of Tsukiji there are a ton of fresh sushi places. I went to one at 5:30 am and had a breakfast of sushi, miso soup, tamago and green tea. This was the best sushi I have ever had in my life. This place was also highly recommend by the local people.

So that is it for now. More exciting and crazy stories to come plus I am working on the new issue of SUPER! as well as some other new Mortekai stuff. Hopefully no more sea sick tomorrow.

See you then,



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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentines Day + Cruise Time!

So I think Valentine's Day is a made up dumb holiday. Why should some greeting card companies and florists and chocolate makers and ladies undergarment sellers get to decide that February 14th is the day that I should show someone I care about that I care about them in a caring money spending fashion? I have come to the conclusion that I may show the person that I care about that I love them today or on any other February 14th in the future but it will be because I want to.

What I guess I am saying is that I declare Valentines Day the female Christmas. What I mean is that if my gf happens to piss me off a lot during the year or if she burns dinner or something she will be opening a box containing a lump of coal for V-day. That may seem harsh but hear me out. Who says Santa is the only one who can make naughty and nice lists? I do not think it was the Catholic church so it also must be some other assholes. In fact it was invented by the biggest assholes in the world. Parents that do not know how to parent. Back in the olden days when people used to say hello to each other when walking down the street some genius go the idea that they could rule their children's lives with a series of threats and rewards. Also I think a little fear was thrown in. This is what I have been told it went down like.

"Timmy if you are good this year and continue making daddy so angry he has to get drunk and beat mommy, an imaginary fat lush named Santa Claus will not bring you a new bike!" said some random mother one year to her young and impressionable child.

That is how it got started. That is how the fear of Santa was built into children. That and they fact that parents tell you he can see you when your sleeping and he knows when you are awake. So basically he is a straight creeper and you don't want your parents to hit each other after hitting the bottle so you conform to being good, problems solved.

This is my vision for Valentines Day. I will rule with an iron fist promising cards or flowers or edible underwear if my lova behaves for the rest of the year, except on her birthday because everyone can act stupid on their birthday. I think this is the best plan ever and I would like to see you come up with a better one. This shall be the icon of this new Valentines Day a cherub dressed like santa.

Here is a link to the wikipedia Valentines Day entry. You can read that if you want to know about the origins of this holiday and stuff like that. But if you are not a weenie than you would probably rather read the St. Valentine Day Massacre entry. That is much more better fo readin.

Aside from todays "holiday" I also would like to mention that this will be the last day of posting for about a week. I will be going on vaykay with the Shoemakers again and it is going to be so awesome. Last years trip was an experience and I can only imagine this years will be similarly insane. Here is a link to the post about the previous trip, soo good. The only thing I am going to be doing for the next week is livin the dream. I hope we dress like pirates this time.

I did not have a pic of shoe being a pirate. I put up what I feel is the next best thing a picture of Shoe slaying it. Anytime he goes on vacation Shoe is a real ladies man putting everyone else to shame. In this picture he is charming the pants off of Conrad but I did not have a photo of Shoe charming a lady so I went with what I had. You get the point Shoe = charming.

Pray for our safe return!

p.s. I am really liverwursty today. ILYAAF

Monday, February 12, 2007


Here is a picture that I took while on a loverly walk with my man Gigam. After walk time we went out to dinner with the sis and Super Steve.

And here is a picture of Shoe and myself. Shoe has not had a drink in about a month. Thursday I shall be making his first drink for him. Then the next day we are taking off on a cruise. Same idea as last year except it will be two days longer and we are going to Belize City, Belize. I cannot wait.

Belize that!,

Friday, February 09, 2007

Fire in my gut and you on my mind. I am ready...

standing alone
it shines to you like a beacon
through the syrup
leading you back home
that is where two becomes


Thursday, February 08, 2007

One for Radical...

I drew this for my homey Conrad after watching Coffee and Cigarettes with him. The movie is very interesting and I would recommend checking it out to anyone. Jim Jarmusch directed it and I happened to see a picture of him for the first time after watching the film. The guy looks like a crazy mutant. This is still a sketch but I am going to make it into a painting or possibly something else. Hopefully it will show the full mutantyness when it is done.

For his royal radness,

Wolfboy shirt available in the Mortekai is SUPER! Etsy Shop...

Here are some pictures of what the shirt looks like in what some people like to call "Real Life"

And here is a link to the shop Mortekai is SUPER!. Go there for other fun stuff also.

Maybe new image posted later. Mindless zombie work must be accomplished at the moment.

Inigo Montoya: I admit it, you are better than I am.
Man in Black: Then why are you smiling?
Inigo Montoya: Because I know something you don't know.
Man in Black: And what is that?
Inigo Montoya: I... am not left-handed.,


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Quick one for today...

A few sketchy ones I did a while back. I think pen, ink and highliters on sticker paper.


Friday, February 02, 2007

Thursday conquers (but they did play crap from that new album which sounded like hell)

Thursday rocked hard last nite. The new songs sucked ass but the band tired to rock them as hard as they could. At least the effort was there rite? Anyway a show nite with Thursday being that awesome has not been experienced since 2004. I am sick or I would write more about said awesomeness. It is lazy time.

Which leads me to today's images. Sick + still working on yesterday's image = these three here. I hope you like them and I am sorry that they are not totally new. Monday some newness?

I am coming to rule you,


Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday on Thursday mint...mint...




If your band does one counting song you are forbidden to do another. Thursday must have missed that memo. Lets hope they cross "5,4,3,2,1" from their minds eye forever. Thursday tonight with hopes of hearing the old shit. Image constructed on Motherbox. From first to last, maybe.

Jet Black,


p.s. Better green?