Friday, April 28, 2006

SUPER! Mini Comic preview number 3...

This is the final preview before I put my mini-comic SUPER! up for sale Monday. It is two eight page full color minis that come packaged in an envelope with a glossy color cover. It is totally Airwolf! The two minis work to inform each other by bouncing topics back and forth. It is about friends, work, trust, love, and loss. The page below involves my co-workers and is about the feelings and sights during the meetings I have to go through at a 9-5. Hope you like it. Get ready Super! is coming!

heart breaks
through stone

Thursday, April 27, 2006

the tenth, Takin Care of Buisness...

Time to take care of buisness, Mortekai style.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stayin Alive...

College. Yes this is what I did in college. I dressed up like a porn star from the 70's. Yes that is my chest hair ripping out of my ruffley pink shirt. No those pants are not to tight, in the 70's the pants could never be to tight. If they would have thought of it back then people would have painted their jeans on. Just like Demi Moore did on the cover of Vanity Fair. I also made friends with an Elton John look alike, he was a real dandy of a man. We would tear it up, night fever style, at all the disco places on campus. Those were the days man, those were the DAYS!. Dig it!

This picture was from a costume contest and my friends and I won the group prize. But I do wish I had chest hair like that. Imagine having chest hair like that, you would never have to wear anything heavier than a T-Shirt or a button down. You could be like, "Man it is warm out today." while snow would be falling all around you. You would be like a grizzly bear. A hairy, hairy, human grizzly bear. That would be Airwolf.

Anyway, here is a picture for anyone who may want to cleanse out their eyeballs. Markers are fun to drawer with.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

SUPER! Mini Comic preview number 2...

These are the cover options for the minis. Well technically they are the cover options for the envelope which contains the minis. No matter which cover you pick there will be no difference to the content inside the envelope. I felt like making both, it was fun to see which one people would pick. It turned out to be about even at Freshmeat this past Saturday. Again let me say how great the show was. A big thanks to Keith Mayerson and the Cartoonist Alliance at SVA for setting it up! Well tomorrow may bring another preview or a Mortekai design, we shall see. The mini will be available soon so get that money saved up!


Monday, April 24, 2006

SUPER! Mini Comic preview...

The Super! mini comic will be available to order soon! At Freshmeat, held at the School of Visual Arts in NY, this past weekend I was selling the mini comic and giving out some Mortekai Stickers. Thanks so much to anyone who bought one or took the time to stop by! It was a really great event and I had a lot of fun checking out everyone's work. Also a big thanks to Tara, without her help the mini would not have been completed in time. The mini comic will be up for purchase soon. I am printing up a few more and then they will be ready to ship. Until then here is a preview of an interior page (this one may be my favorite) :)


Friday, April 21, 2006

the ninth, punk...

Mortekai, pink, black, white, Rock!


Thursday, April 20, 2006

More work less time (really slacking off)...

Today I got busy in more ways than one. So I will just put up an image and let it be.

See you

P.S. Chuck Norris sucks. If he fought Sonny Chiba it would be no contest. Before Norris would be able to fire off a round house Chiba would have cracked him, HARD, with a chop to the dome causing Chuck's eyes to expolde from their sockets.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Picture Pages...

Much work to be done today, I hates! But due to the amount of work I have to do you get to see some pictures from the Mortekai Archives. This is truly your lucky day. It would have been my lucky day too, the NY Rangers went from first place in the NHL's Atlantic Division to third place last night. I woke up SUPER happy today. Then the a huge pile of work crushed my happiness into a lump of coal. So I guess it was more of a lucky night and an unlucky morning. Whatever, my applejacks tasted extra sweet knowing the Rangers will be bounced by the Devils in the first round. I think I hate the Rangers more than getting kicked in my manhood. I mean that is real hate right there. Let me see you hate something that much. Anyway here are the pictures with a little blah, blah, blah, to give you an idea of what each one is all about. Now back to work and thinking about next NHL hockey season. LET'S GO ISLANDERS! (clap to the syllables, clap damn you!) LET'S GO ISLANDERS!

This is from 2002 in Syracuse NY after the Hellfest. After rocking, skating, and partying for three days we took this haggard picture outside of the local Denny's. I am wearing the original Mortekai shirt in this one. Cap is wearing a BOSTON RED SOX HAT. He is a big Yankees fan now and this is his greatest shame. Oh we also saw Rake Yohn, Raab, and a bunch of the other CKY buys in this Denny's.

Ahh the Wet and Wild Beer Pong Bonanza, this was a good one. We decided to have a BP tournament at Cap's house and did not check the weather plan. Actually most times we have a party at Cap's we don't check the weather and end up putting up a tarp. This time however we got a lot of rain, and the tarp was not put up that well. Water kept pocketing and everyone kept splashing each other. Good times.

This was after the final round. We made it to the finals but lost to Shoe and Fox. Me and Cap didn't really care though, I wonder why (don't tell my mom but it was because of all the beer we drank). Superman shirt is a must for Airwolf times.

Mortekai Chicago trip 2006. Me Cap Stinkeye and Fancypants all got a limo ride from the airport. We're ballers. Really it was Cap's cousin's limo but we still felt like ballers. Look how happy Stinkeye is, his first limo ride and his first plane ride all in one day. I am wearing the prototype for the Kai Skull shirt. A ton of skating and fun partying went down in Chicago. We visited our friend Javier who has been in Chi town for the last two years, it was good to see him. He works at Affiliate Skateboards now, a cool local skate company. Thanks for the fun Jav.

A crappy picture from my camera phone in the aforementioned limo. Style for miles.

Have a great day.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the eigth, simple...

This is an easy one today, I be tired. A head and some scripty kai text, anyone can be kai if they want. Freedom time.


Monday, April 17, 2006

Super! suprise, we made it back alive. this one is for midnight pizza...

The mission was a success, we all made it back in pretty much one piece. I am still feeling the effects of two majorly rocky nights at sea, while the sickness I brought on board spread to BC and Shoe. Sorry about that boys. The boat itself was awesome it had many a bar, a casino, a rock wall, and yes midnight pizza, it wasn't NY pizza but it was pizza. We competed as a group and received third place in a crazy scavenger hunt on the cruise which consisted of many humiliating acts. Shoe and I skipped around hand in hand on dance floor, while BC took one for the team big time. He had to dress up like a lady, and what a sexy lady he made! He was dressed head to toes in the clothing and apparel of Shoe's sister and mother. Seeing him wearing Shoe's mothers shirt and sisters bra didn't make him any less masculine in my eyes. It was funny as hell, good times. BC also knows how to rock a pair of high heels like no other. Shoe ended up winning two individual awards the title of mister pale legs, which he won during the sexy legs competition, as well as the prestigious king of the hooking-up award. The title of king of hooking-up was bestowed upon Shoe after his conquest of two young ladies. Yes, Shoe is a lady killer. Actually he really gave himself the award, kind of like when Michael Jackson named himself the king of pop but that doesn't make him any less dangerous around the ladies. If I was you I would be checking to see if Shoe was making like a smooth criminal with any female in my family right about now. He may be moon walking away from your house celebrating another victory as you read this. Getting the actual trophy for the award almost resulted in us being locked up in Nassau. Shoe found an open door a few doors down from the bar we were at and wandered on in. He decided to rip a small leg off a table, the local authorities did not like that one too much. Now imagine this, we are all drunk big time and we are getting grilled by a six foot seven inch black man threatening to take us to jail. And then imagine this all happening while Shoe is wearing a cowboy hat. Long story short they let us go with a stern warning. I think he may have just been a security guard but whatever it still made for a scary and memorable moment, thanks Shoe! Michael Jackson himself would be proud of our ability to dodge Johnny law.

Hee Hee!

p.s. if you wanted to know what Shoe is all about here it is summed up in a picture:

Friday, April 07, 2006

Bonus post! Bon Voyage Suckers!

A mouse guy. He does not like Mickey Mouse. That's why he stole that rat's pants! But he feels bad about it now. I think it may be due to the fact that he did not wash the pants before putting them on and now has to take three pills twice a day with food. Not to mention the itching, the horrible horrible itching.

Enough about the mouse for now. The time has come to prepare for the cruise of destruction. Myself, BC and Shoe are in for it. Ship, casino, alcohol, booze cruise and Irish family. Plus we are dressing like pirates at some point. I pray we all make it back. Here's to getting lobster red in the sun while sipping rum punch!


the seventh, he's wearing a hat...

Ahh yes this bear has style. Check out that hat, Airwolf to the max. And my man knows how to keep it classy with a tie, which he tied himself. I wish I could do that, I had to have my little brother tie mine the other day, that was embarrassing. My fourteen year old brother had to tie my tie. Dammit why don't I know how to tie my own tie? Also why am I so bad at math? And for that matter I feel that I hear the phrase "That's ok it happens to everyone." way to much for my liking. I mean come on if I go seven for ten that's like batting .700 man. That is well above average. Plus I was really tired, give me a break! Whatever, you smell like a burger and I don't like you anymore anyway!

Well I better let that go before it gets out of hand. This design was actually one of the first to be done for the kai shirts. That lightning bolt is sweet and the bear is a manimal. He may look cute but that is only a trick to lure you in. He's a real tom cat. This design shall be hitting shirts and bags I believe.


Thursday, April 06, 2006

Bonus post! Cruise next week, if I don't return avenge my death...

Here is a bonus image because there will be no posts next week. This is Orange sleepy face. I will try and throw two more up tomorrow. Pray for the survival of all those who have to be trapped on a boat with me and my friends. Pray damn you, pray.

SUPER! poor image quality and a late post. i rule...

You: This post went up very late today.

Me: Tough I had some meetings and biznass to conduct!

You: The quality of this picture is not up to par.

Me: Hey I didn't have a chance to scan a better quality image of this man. I got five kids to feed! Well not really but I was busy yesterday, really busy. Really, really busy.

You: I have a sneaking suspicion you were not that busy.

Me: Oh, I was busy. I cleaned my room, ate dinner, read a few comics, had a snack, played a video game, then ate some soup while I watched a movie. That's like 7 things I did man! SEVEN! Nine if you count making my snack and soup. I am only one man and though I may be SUPER! Superman I am not. Unless I am rocking out to the extreme, then I actually do become Superman. I have the pictures to prove it.

You: Those excuses are so very childish.

Me: I'll show you CHILDISH!

You: Ouch! Ahh, you are messing up my hair! Ugh! OW! My cardigan! Ack! No, not my wide rimmed glasses!

Me: HAHAHAHA! Talk this and that and this!

Something very similar to that may go down should anyone feel the need to complain about today's post. A fury so intense would be unleashed that Satan himself would bellow from the bowels of his inky black soul, "DAAAAMNNNN!" that's right the fury would be so outrageous that the devil himself would feel sorry for you. And if you think I am kidding, try me. BECAUSE I WOULD LOVE IT!!!

These drawings be Airwolf and that is all you need to know. Thank you :)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

the sixth, DING!

VIDEO GAMES! I think I should make it clear that video games are pretty sweet. Especially sweet are video games from the break. Now I have three words for you, Ms, Pac, Man. That's right Ms Pac Man is fun as hell. What you say? Ms Pac Man is nothing more than Pac Man himself with a bow on his head? I can't believe you would say that! That is outrageous no matter how correct you may be! I mean come on, if Pac Man likes to sometimes wear a bow and pretend that he is the most beautiful girl that he has ever seen who are you to judge? I say good for him/her! Pac Man may have multiple personalities, he may cross dress, but their game is FUN AS HELL. Running around eating pellets, chomping on some ghosts, chasing after crazy bouncing fruits. Seriously who doesn't love playing Ms Pac Man? Who, I ask you WHO!?!

Though I have just shared my love for Pac Man and his deranged split personalities, this design is a tribute to all old school games. The simple graphics, sounds, and game play are what make games of the past so great. Games like this really put you in the moment. Amplification through simplification. While playing you really can imagine yourself running in a crazy maze chasin' down some pellets while trying to flee from some dumb ghosts. Oh but how those ghosts would pay if you got the super pellet. Chomp, chomp, chomp. This is what the simplicity of the design is about. It is immediate and fun.

I am hoping to make a few other designs that will fit into this same theme, capturing the fun and simplicity of video games. Actually all Mortekai designs will be released with group themes. The designs will follow their theme with each separate design adding a part to the greater overall whole.

I leave you with one more word, Galaga. Eat that one.


Tuesday, April 04, 2006


SUPER and Mortekai working hand in hand?!? The Multiverse must be collapsing! Run for your life! Earth-1 is folding in on Earth-2! Dogs and Cats are living TOGETHER! Up is down, down is up! Superman HATES Lois Lane! The words coming out of President Bush's mouth actually make sense! AHHHH!!! Ok I may have exaggerated. Its not that earth shattering that Mortekai and SUPER would cross streams. And all that stuff I wrote is not really happening. I do however think sometimes it is fun to freak out and pretend crazy stuff is going to happen. It makes anything else I may have to do during a normal day seem less crappy/boring. Also if you see someone's freak out face you probably have just seen the funniest face they can possibly make. Think about it, imagine a time where one or more of your friends were freaking out. Maybe they had just witnessed there parents doing it, ouch that will definitely burn the retinas. Or maybe your friend just realized there are no more applejacks in the house! Either way the face your friend would be making at those times of dire peril would be the most awesomely funny faces they could ever make.

This drawing was sketched out on sticker paper with some ball point pens and a few highlighters. Then the image got scanned into photoshop for some minor tweaks. I think I am going to put it in the upcoming SUPER! mini-comic, which should be out by the middle to end of April. I am also thinking of using this as a Kai design for shirts and stickers, but I have to clean it up a little bit for the printing process.

Monday, April 03, 2006

the fifth, a face...

For this sucker I thought it would be fun to put a few continous line drawings over each other. Then I wanted to toy with a little color. The result is this crazy face. I like it and if you don't, I will have to sic Ted Nugent on you. You wouldn't like that, he knows how to skin animals and I bet he could apply that skill to people if he had to. That and he is shit bat crazy. So start liking or the Motor City Mad Man is coming after you!

Mortekai :)