Friday, March 31, 2006

SUPER! Alien invasion...

Oh no more aliens with sweet hair! And this one is dancing. Either that or having a seizure. If all aliens looked like this dancing fool then maybe people wouldn't be so scared of them. Also someone should send the aliens a memo to cut the crap. Seriously, give it up with the crops circles and anal probes...mostly they should cut out the anal probes...ouch.

Thursday, March 30, 2006

the fourth, THIS IS AIRWOLF!

The other day I was working with the Kai Skull design and came up with this new version. I am thinking of printing the Kai Skull shirt like this.

Thats a lot of skulls and Mortekai, which is good. But with that much power you better be responsible, or something like that, cause this shirt just may end up melting someone's face if you are not careful. Imagine if something like this goes down. You are walking down the block, wearing your awesome new Mortekai shirt, when you happen to see your friend Charles crossing the street. "Chuck!" you will yell out to him to get his attention, ready to rock his life with your new shirt. Chuck may recognize you but you will seem a little different to him. You will seem a little bit awesomer. He will sense the aura of the shirt emanating from you as he approaches with a cautious excitement. Chuck may even feel like he has to go the bathroom. The shirts awesome aura may hit him that hard. As Chuck draws closer nervous beads of sweet will begin to form on his forehead. Then the moment will arrive, the shirt and Chuck's eyes will meet. And he will not be prepared for how sweet that meeting will be.


"HOLY CRAP CHUCK YOUR HEAD JUST EXPLODED!" you will shout. And then you will realize that without a head, Chuck can not hear you. That is the moment when the power of the Kai is going to hit you in the brain like a million salmon swimming upstream. From that day forward you shall swear to use the shirt for the forces of ROCK! That and you may try to use it to get laid. Also, you are going to consider using your new found power to intimidate people into giving you delicious pizza. Yes! That would be so Airwolf!

On second thought maybe I better not print this version. I mean come on, a kid's head exploded. This shirt has to much power! Not even the combined forces of Ronnie James Dio, Slayer, and Ozzy are going to be evil enough to handle that much skull. How will mere mortals like you or me deal with it? I gotta think about this one...


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

SUPER! Writing and a picture...

Together run,
air is in the clear
rolls over mellow
Grip tight
for a single moment
let go

it's winter
you are absent
soup and tea
eyes blink with sleep
sweet dreams.

the third, skulls are cool and tough...

Yes that is right, to be tough and cool, you must like skulls. We all have a skull don't we? It would be kinda stupid if you disliked them. Imagine not having a skull. You would walk around with a deflated balloon for a head. Think about that. Gross. I know i would hate it if my head deflated.

This design was from a little sketch i did in my notebook. It started as a skull and some spider webs and other generic stuff. I then got to thinking if I kind of meshed the Mortekai name around like a messed up web it would look good and have another meaning. It does to me at least. Maybe it can for you too. I have a mock up of this shirt done and i will try and post a picture of it. This will be on T-shirts and hoodies.

Skulls and MORTEKAI

Monday, March 27, 2006

SUPER! Chunk and Hulk ruled...

Having hamsters was a weird thing for me. When I was a kid I never wanted a hamster, I still ended up owning a few anyway, because I would always fear being chomped. Hamsters are wicked good at biting. But when I ended up owning my hamsters I really thought they were awesome to have around. I think it may be because I lucked out. The two I had, Chunk and Hulk, were really mellow at times so you could hold them or let them walk around without worrying about them disappearing. They also got along real well and were psyched to live in the same cage. I thought it was good that both of my buddies were buddies. Well hamsters do not live that long and that is were this image comes in. If you can't read what it says, fault my elementary school for never being able to teach me cursive.

Friday, March 24, 2006

the second, under pressure...

David Bowie is great. I know he may sometimes be singled out as recycling what is going on at the time but I don't really care.

To that I say a big WHATEVER. He has kicked ass on many occasions and I likes the Bowie. This design came about as a kind of indirect tribute to the man. I had been listening to Ziggy Stardust a lot when I was drawing and writing and this image snaked its way out of my hand. It really became an unconscious effort. Its not that it is supposed to be him, but to me it has that feel. The original image was going to be a portrait for this idea I have been working on called, "My EMO Battle Armor is Unbreakable" then I got possessed and this is what came out. This will be on shirts both men's and women's and hopefully bags.

Glam it up,

Thursday, March 23, 2006

SUPER! This alien has sweet hair...

Well he does, doesn't he? That's what I thought. I like this guy, he is having fun and jumping. Come on who would rather be jumping right now? I see a lot of hands raised. Whats that David Lee Roth? Might as well jump? I think my blue alien friend and I will take that challenge! Let the jumping and the fun begin!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

the first, taking flight...

Be Free
Never be defined
by what anyone else thinks
Be who you are
whenever you want, without compromise
Your imperfection is perfect!
Live to the fullest