Thursday, November 13, 2008

Watch Out World Here Comes Bertle!

My little brother just passed his road test (Crap I am getting old). Well I guess he will be able to drive me around when my body inevitably breaks down. That will be good. Back to the point though, Mikey is now a driver.

Congratulations my boy I am proud of you. You now get to drive yourself to school and to all of your hockey practices. That will leave my mom with time on her hands and I think that will lead to a ton of decorating at home. That should be annoying. But Mikey you now can go wherever you want whenever you want. Sweet!

Here are a couple of tips to you the new driver:

1.) Watch out for old people on the road. They are deadly. Old people do not care since they are so close to the end. If they are going somewhere and you get in the way they will take you out. Watch out for old people.

2.) Do not give into road rage. Having someone ride your ass or cut you off is aggravating and you may be tempted to flip the offender the bird. I say do not. Learn a lesson from Cap, pulling out a bb gun and waving it at a person who cut you off is fun but the cops will be at your house very quickly and you will get in trouble. Road rage no good don't do it.

3.) I really don't have a third. I guess it can be do not try and multi task while driving. Trying to drive while eating a burger, changing the radio station and answering a text is not a good idea. Stick to driving and maybe throw one other task in there now and again if necessary. No multi tasking while driving.

There you go little bro, some brotherly advice. Good luck behind the wheel. Have fun while you are driving. Most importantly be safe!

Love you Mikey,

kevin b.


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