Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Superhero Art Experiment...

This image of a superhero was drawn with pen and ink on white paper (I can't remember the stock). The image was colored with highlighters and afterward scanned into the computer for editing. I adjusted the colors on the image and decided I wanted to see if I could make it look a bit weathered. I added in an old newspaper clipping, stains and other damage using Photoshop.

I am pleased with the end result. It was not the exact image I had in mind when I set out but it is satisfactory. The overall experimental nature of this image was fun for me. I think I learned a thing or two while I worked on this piece. I hope you like it also.

A superhero from the past who gets sent to the future has been an idea I have long considered working on. Actually I have done work on this idea now and again over the years. Thinking about a man out of time and especially a superhero out of time is interesting to me. He would have no one and would belong to nothing. It would be freeing but a prison at the same time.

I have worked on different sketches and character names. The premise was always the same. This image reminded me a bit of this idea while working because of the old and new elements. It serves more as an exercise than a design for the character that would be in this story. Actually the superhero in this image reminds me of another story I have worked on abandoned at different intervals over the years.

The story is basically this, a low powered superhero inspired by other more powerful beings decides he wants to help out in his community. His powers are nothing special, maybe he can fly or create light, they are something harmless to others. Seeing super beings with vast arrays of powers he thinks he could use the power he has and bluff having others. The idea that he has a power could mean he has others. This would help him to stop criminals before a confrontation would take place. He creates his own costume and identity to protect his neighborhood from crime by helping where he can.

I have written a few pieces about how this affects his relationship with his family. I have also drawn a few images of what the characters for both of these ideas may look like. Developing these ideas will eventually happen. I feel like most of my superhero ideas coexist in the same world.

When thinking of superheroes now I am really interested in the effect being a superhero has on every day life. What would the people around you think? How would police or the government react? Things of this nature have been interesting to me. I am also interested in all out superhero brawls although not as much as I used to be :^)

More on these stories as I scan more art and write out additional work,


P.S. I posted about this idea, using just the superhero image seen here, on July 7th of 2006 so do not hold your breath for these stories to be completed very soon. Kinda soon maybe.

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Nice work!!Keep posting!!

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