Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Sorry America aka The Vote Has Officially Been Rocked!

So I guess I lost that Fifty bucks huh? It does not matter though this is a great day. Good Job out there American citizens! Everyone did the right thing, big time. Barack Obama is the new president of the good 'ol USA. I cannot wait to see if he is able to follow up on his campaign promises.

Now I owe America an apology. Hear it goes;

America I am sorry I said you were a closet racist. I have been proven wrong. America you stood up and proudly said, "Mortekai I am not a racist sir!." How right you are America. So I apologize. I could not have been more wrong about America being a closet racist. I hope you can forgive me America and that we can move forward in this brave new world.

So there you go apology given. I hope it will be accepted. When I hear back from America I will let you know. I truly hope this does not affect our friendship.

Okay with that out of the way I still think I should state how I feel. I still think all of the stuff I mentioned the other day is racist. Also people insisting on mentioning Barack Obama is the first black president is racist. Seriously who cares? I just hope he does a good job and fixes stuff around here.

Everyone be proud of being American. Help each other out when you can. Stop thinking just of yourself and your family. Think about your community and the people around you. Treat people like people and we will all live better.

Go Obama Mama!


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