Thursday, November 20, 2008

On the Topics of Cheating and Telling the Truth

Posting is something I usually try and do earlier in the day. I wake up do some stuff around the house, take a shower and then sit down at my computer. Most days I check my email before I write my post. Today while checking my email I saw an interesting blurb on the Yahoo home page. The headline was, "Integrity Costs Golfer Dearly", intriguing.

I followed the link to the full article by Yahoo Sports writer Jay Busbee. The article basically goes over how a golfer, J.P. Hayes, showed some guts and reported that he had committed a foul while playing in Qualifying School (it was abbreviated Q-School in the article). This will apparently cost him a spot on this years PGA Tour. If you want to read the full article click here.

Amazingly honest right? He made a slight error that now cost him a year on the biggest tour in golf. Would you be able to do something like that? I know for Hayes it was probably a bit easier to make the choice, he has apparently made over seven million golfing so far, but still it must have been hard.

When I read a story like this it renews my faith in America. Most people here in the good 'ol US of A would screw someone over in a heartbeat. Watching out for number one is the norm here. Think about how many times you have selfishly done something solely for your benefit. When you then factor in a person looking out for themselves and their family I would have to say the integrity rate would go down, big time.

While J.P. Hayes's choice to report his fault is not a great sacrifice on a grand scale like going to war for your country it is something to admire. Thinking about how people will climb over each other to get ahead is a bit sickening. To me it is good to read about someone who did the right thing. Again I am not trying to make this a huge deal, I just want to point out that integrity is important. Now I just hope Mr. Hayes has as much integrity in the rest of his life :^)

One last point on this integrity and then I promise no more posts about morality for a while. This article really made me think while reading it. It reminded me of all of the so called "smart kids" in school. When these kids had a chance they were the first ones to cheat nine out of ten times. I am not sure if you guys out there have had this experience with the "brainiacs" but I can state for a fact this is the truth. Through my primary education experience and beyond these students were the ones that bent or broke the rules.

Remembering this got me thinking even more. I wonder how these people behave today. Are they fine upstanding citizens? For the most part I am sure they are. Most people along the way make a bad choice or have fallen into bad habits. But can a tiger really change it's stripes? I mean can I honestly say to myself that when people see that a type of behavior gets them what they want, even if this behavior morally wrong, that they will stop doing it? I hope the answer is yes but in my heart I feel it is a definite no. I mean look at the heads of Ford, GM, and Chrysler who took private jets to Washington to beg for money. If you need money that bad cut back on some shit. That is the true American way. Think of yourself before anyone else and that really sucks.

What a downer huh? Well I will try to make it up to you a little bit with this Tiger I drew. This was drawn in a recycled paper pad with micron pens. I scanned it into Motherbox and did some editing.

Please enjoy and have an excellent Thursday. I promise to not complain so much. Well I promise not to complain so much for a little while.

I, I, Me, Me, Mine,


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