Friday, November 07, 2008

A Sketch for Today

My mind is feeling a bit numb at the moment. Christine got into a car accident last night which was hectic. Luckily she was fine and it was not her fault. This morning I got to thinking about how the Willett wants to charge us $500 bucks for Shelby and decided that I should find our lease. I did and there is no mention of a fee on it anywhere, maybe we will win this round. After that I had to clean a few things around the house. Then it was time to read news and things on the interweb. The news that Elliot Spitzer would be getting off really was annoying. I could have written about that and how it seems anyone with any pull never gets screwed but what the hell not today.

No today I thought I would put up a sketch. I have not posted one in over a week so I guess it is about time. Ranting on about things that bother me sometimes ends up making those things bother me more. For instance I have decided to stop listening to Mike Francesa completely due to his refusal to apologize to his callers or at least admit he was incorrect about what moves would be made in the final game of the World Series. Today is Friday and my brain needs a break. No stress today please!

This is an alien who was caught and put in a observation tank. I used a black micron pen to sketch this. It was done on white paper. I guess his invasion is over, vivisection yuck!

Have a nice stress free weekend,


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Blogger Griffin said...

dang! sorry to hear about the accident but glad to hear that christine is alright, be careful out there guys, won't you? you know?

11:20 PM, November 10, 2008  

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