Friday, November 14, 2008

New Button Sets Now on ETSY

The new button sets are now available in my Mortekai is SUPER! Etsy Shop. You should go buy some if you like having cool buttons that will bring fantastic compliments your way. They are three bucks each. There are four different sets to choose from. Go buy now!

Get out there and have a great weekend everyone. I will try to do the same. It is supposed to be raining here in good old Albany but I am hoping it will not be that heavy. I kinda feel like going to play lazer tag but I don't think it will go down. It would be something fun to do if it rains though.

Anyway have a good one and buy some of my stuff if you can afford it :^)

kevin b.

p.s. Here is a picture of a dog who likes to drive. He is such a little gentleman. This was from our trip to Mohegan Sun. Sweet!

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