Thursday, November 06, 2008

Somebody I Know Please Buy Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe!!!

So Antwuan sent me a text at like 11:00 this morning. This seemed a bit early to me since we had no plans. Actually unless we had planned some specific early morning hijinx I would not expect to hear from Twuan until after lunch time.

The text read, "Mortal Kombat vs DC looks insane." I thought to myself, "That sounds about right" and sent him a text back. A few more texts were exchanged before I decided I needed to see this for myself.

Here is a little information. For those who may not know Mortal Kombat was the radness when it came out. Looking back at the first game now it is kinda crappy but at the time man was it awesome. Due to MK's digitized sprites, realistic looking characters, getting destroyed and fatalitied all over the place the game was a target for criticism from watch dog groups and parents. This made the game all the more desirable to kids back then. You could have a virtual fight with your friend and then virtually rip his heart out. Attention parents your kids should know games are fake and if they don't you did a bad job parenting. Trying to keep them away from something only makes them want it more. Anyway the game went on to spawn sequels and the level of violence in the game reached ridiculous levels making the franchise's creators buckets of cash.

I had not played Mortal Kombat in a while. After MK3 the series went 3d. I do not find 3d fighting games particularly interesting. Recently though I ended up playing MK again. The local theater my friends all work at put in a little arcade area. They stocked this area with older games and one happened to be Mortal Kombat 4. Because this was a 3d MK I had never played it. The guys that work at the theater started to challenge each other and eventually I got drawn in. We ended up playing the game a bunch when it first arrived. It was fun but we kinda lost interest after a while and I stopped thinking about Mortal Kombat.

That was until today when I saw the gameplay for MK vs DC on the lovely internet. Oh thank you internet for being there to help me waste time watching pointless but fun things! Here are two videos that I watched earlier today which got me psyched on the game. The first video tells a bit of the storyline. The second has Sub-Zero fighting Batman and Superman fighting Raiden.

I don't know what you think but that game looks fun to me. You could even say it looks insane. Antwaun was hoping earlier today that someone would come through and buy this. After watching the videos I have to say I agree with him. Any friends out there with an Xbox or PS3 please go get this game when it comes out. Invite us over and we will bring a few beers, we promise.

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