Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday Greys?

This image is untitled. I created it with sumi-e ink and a bamboo brush. The tones were added with a set of Prisma Color cool grey markers. The image was done on smooth bristol board. I cropped the image a bit after scanning it but it is otherwise unedited.

It is a grey wintery Monday here in Albany so I thought I would put this one up. I hope your day is a bit nicer. Grey wintery days are only fun when some snow or hot chocolate are involved. Right now I gots neither here in Albany.

On another note family and football are on the horizon for this week. I can't believe it is Thanksgiving already. One more post tomorrow before a little holiday break. Try to avoid going into withdrawl by reading some of the older posts. I think I used to be funnier so the oldies are worth a read. You can type words in the search bar up top to search the blog. I suggest trying Little Superstar, Martin Scorsese or maybe Miller Chill if you are missing the summer a bit. Those should get you started.

Have a Happy Monday,


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Blogger Conrad said...

Bristol Board? I'm unfamiliar with this term. Is that how Sarah Palin's teenage daughter became prenant?



5:12 PM, November 24, 2008  
Blogger Mortekai said...

That was a Shoemaker quality joke sir. Excellent job.

7:18 PM, November 24, 2008  

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