Tuesday, November 04, 2008


"Fish Face" Howie Rose did it again tonight. With the Islanders leading in the third period 2-0 over the much hated Rangers Howie managed to work his jinx magic. At 2:10 of the third the Rangers pulled goal tender Henrik Lundquist in favor of an extra skater. This seemed like a desperation move from the Rangers and coach Tom Renny. Not with Howie "Big Mouth" Rose in their to help out.

Seconds, literally seconds, after the Rangers goalie was off the ice guess what Howie did. He decided to launch into a story about how the Islanders had not had a shut out at the Garden since Billy Smith was goalie. That was almost thirty five years ago. Are you serious why the heck would you bring that up? But Can you guess what happened next? If you said the Rangers got a goal you get the prize.

How the heck is this possible? How can one man crush the hopes and dreams of two groups of fans this way? Why do you think the Mets have never had a no-hitter? The answer, Howie Rose is the anti-Christ.

This is the only logical explanation. Howie Rose was spanned by Satan. That is right Satan himself created the demonic jinxing force that is Howie Rose. I defy you to prove me wrong. Truly how can you explain him otherwise?

If I could ask the Islanders and Charles Wang for one thing it would be to eliminate Howie Rose from the broadcast booth. Please Mr. Wang do this one thing for all of the suffering Islander fans. You owe us for keeping Mike Milbury on for so many years. I think you also should pay up for making our back up goaltender our GM, that was embarrassing. Give us this one gift, please!

OH MY GOD! Wait a minute here. Maybe Wang is Satan?!?!? That is IT! Charles Wang is Satan and his evil child is Howie Rose.

I will say a prayer for us tonight Islander fans,


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