Friday, November 21, 2008

Friendships and Blog Sharing Fun

Hello and happy Friday! I hope you all enjoying your prelude to the coming weekend. I know I am. Right now I am writing this post, which is kinda fun, and hanging out with Shelby . Shelby is, I can assure you, a far better dog than any you may have ever met. Well thinking about it maybe Meatloaf is her equal but that is it.

Anyway on a more posty note my friends Ava and Griffin over at Wonder Smitten have invited me to do a guest blog post for them. They have created a theme for the month, "Animals are more Interesting than YOU!", which I found totally rad. The task set out before me was to find an interesting fact about an animal and then create an image of said animal. Can you guess what animal I chose?

Come on take a guess.

No it was not a Kraken it had to be a real animal. Guess again!

If you said Liger pat yourself on the back! Was there really any doubt? Ligers are literally the best. How can you doubt an animal that has the combined powers of a tiger and a lion? They can swim, make friends and are GIGANTIC. They can stand twelve feet high. Think about how huge that is.

So being extra fond of Ligers i decided to write and draw about them for my post. I chose to point out the hugeness of Ligers and how they are mo betta than Tigons (by like a million). Ligers due to there heritage are trend toward growing to incredible sizes while the unfortunte Tigons can end up being puny.

If you want to check out the post click here to head over the wonderful Blarg Blog. Ava and Griffin do a really great job. The site is truly amazing and has a ton of lovely goodness for your eyes to devour. i suggest checking it out daily.

So what am I going to post today other than a boast about my dog and an add for another blog? Well I thought I would post an image or two which did not make the final cut for the Blarg post. These are not leftovers or scraps just more like alternate takes. I actually happen to like them very much.

When I went about creating the image for my Liger I started by using micron pens. I drew the Liger on some brown recycled paper. The image looked good I thought but I wanted to add some color so I scanned it. I would use Photoshop to alter the art. After some tweaks here and there I added color. I then added some background creating some elements myself and adding in others using some photos obtained on the internet. I guess it is like sampling in music. So I cut everything together and this was the image I came up with.

After sitting with this one for a while I decided I wanted to add something to it. i thought a sexy Liger like this would like some sky so I delivered it for him. Here is what that looked like.

I then went further to add more depth to both the foreground and background. After all this is a Liger we are talking about. Only the best for Ligers. Here is the last one for today all dolled up.

From here I had to create the Tigon image. I did this in the same fashion as the Liger. Then it was a matter of adding in this lesser create. I was loath to do it at first but then I realized how dominate the Liger would look so I went for it. If you want to see that remember to head over to Wonder Smitten.

Here is a picture of Meatloaf. Look at him and know he is awesome. There is no stopping the loaf.

Have a great weekend,


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