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Do You Believe in Miracles and Ligers?

Good morning dear friends! Today I have something momentous to share with you. I bore witness to history last night. Actually it was even better than history. History is a term you use to catalog regular events like birthdays or presidential elections. Friends what I witnessed was much more than mere history it was a miracle. An awesome, awesome, miracle...on ice.

Last night while watching the Islanders play the Montreal Canadiens I saw an "own goal." An "own goal" is when a player shoots the puck into his own net. Think about that one for a second, a player on the other team shot the puck into his own net. Now I do not mean he ended up accidentally deflecting it past his goalie no, he shot it into his own net. His goaltender was on the bench because the Islanders had been called for a delayed penalty and the Canadiens chose to get an extra skater on the ice.

The Islanders actually have a history with "own goals" dating back to Billy "Battlin" Smith. Billy was able to record the first goal scored by a goaltender on an "own goal." While playing the Colorado Rockies, who would go onto become the New Jersey Devils, Smith was credited with the goal after Rob Ramage tossed a blind pass from the corner boards which sailed all the way down the ice into the Rockies net. Here is a video of the play (video is a bit crappy).

So he was able to become the first goaltender to score a goal with the "own goal" rule. Maybe it was some type of fate or alignment of the stars that then enabled the Islanders to get the win last night. Smith's goal came in November almost twenty years ago on November 28th 1979.

The Islanders truly caught a hockey miracle last night. They were also able to do it under the mighty lips of Howie "Fish Face" Rose. That was a miracle in itself. Friends it was so unbelievable that I actually jumped from my seat and shouted, reeeaaaalll loud. Christine called from the next room to make sure I was alright.

Here is why the excitement was at such a high level. The Isles were trailing by a goal going into the last three minutes of the third period. They had chances throughout the game but were unable to tie it up. This was not always due to failure on the players part. At one point Richard Park had an open net but his stick broke as he tried to get the shot off (this one Howie gets credit for). But even snapping sticks and fish lipped jinxes could not stop this pre-chritsmas miracle.

The Islanders got were called for what seemed like a phantom penalty on Sean Bergenheim. This means they would be down a man going into the last minute of play. Howie got us again right Islander fans? Not this time. The Gods of Hockey decided to smack Howie in his Fishy lips and lay the impossible upon him. Just when it seemed the Islanders were out of it they were able to pull off a miracle and tie the game at the expense of Ryan O'Byrne. Please watch this and listen to Howie's disbelief at his failed jinxes (he masks it as shock at the "own goal").

O'Bryne said after the game that he was unaware of the delayed penalty. After the game I said to Christine I could not be happier. I wonder which one of us was telling the truth.

After the "own goal" the Isles and Canadiens played the rest of the third tight. The outcome could not be decided and the game went into overtime where both teams had chances at victory but each team was unable to finish off the other. It came down to Joey McDonald, who has been a savior, shutting the door and Richard Park and Bill Guerin scoring in shootout to get the Islanders the victory.

So I guess I now believe in minor miracles. I also now believe that jinxes can be broken or bent for a night or two. Heres hoping the Isles will be able to continue their good play into the future. Since my last post about the Islanders they have gone 2-1. If you are from Long Island support the only pro sports team that is yours. Let's Go ISLANDERS!

On more Ligery note Conrad pointed out that I, for some reason, seem to post about Ligers before Thanksgiving. I went back and checked and he is correct. Maybe posting about Ligers around Thanksgiving has something to do with the color of a Liger being close to that of pumpkin pie. I love Ligers and pumpkin pie and it is the only reason I can see for the connection. If you can come up with something else let me know.

Anyway since I will not be posting for a bit I have decided to repost the story of Patrick the Liger. I truly feel this is one of my better posts. I was going to just post a link but what the hell this will make it easier for you all to check it out. So here it is for all of your enjoyment, "Patrick's School Photos..."


This studious looking fellows name is Patrick. Patrick happens to be a Liger (click the link for info). For those to lazy to click and read here is the quick version of Patrick's origin. His mother is a tiger that felt the need to have some hot lion loving from Patrick's dad. The best thing about Patrick is he gets the best of both lion and tiger powers. He can swim like a tiger and is good at making friends like a lion. And he is totally huge. Ligers can be the size of their mother and father combined. That is SICK.

Despite all of these facts Patrick is a down to earth person, as you can tell from this picture. He likes english class, going to the mall, watching Pete & Pete, and playing water polo with his pals. Patrick is also an important member of the model UN as well as the founder of his schools bee keeping society. In his spare time he also writes hit plays. Patrick is a pretty happening cat.

This picture is from photo day at school. Patrick's mother wanted him to get the library background. She said it made him look very handsome. While not really caring all that much about looking handsome Patrick did want to make his mother happy. He figured if he did that he would get the bike he had been asking for. Nice move Patrick, you are a super genius.

This is the photo background that Patrick really wanted to get. I think this makes him look like a super bad ass. Rock on my little viking.

Here is a video about some of Patrick's relatives. They ate that dude in the video, this is old footage. watch or die.

Here is a bonus photo. This is a pic of a Tigon being created. Tigon's are not that cool.

Have a happy and Liger filled Thanksgiving. Let's celebrate the Native Americans helping the Pilgrims out when they couldn't cut it. That may have been the biggest mistake ever in the history of people. Make sure to eat a lot so you can put on some major holiday weight.



I hope you enjoyed the post and repost. Please head over to Wonder Smitten for the latest Liger Thanksgiving fun. Have a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving. Please try and avoid drinking any beer that may contain floating chunks, eating so much your stomach bursts and Black Friday.


P.S. Here is a picture of Japanese Meatloaf enjoy!

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