Monday, November 10, 2008

Buttons Available Individually or in Sets

I have accumulated a large collection of single buttons. These were created at different times. Some with the Mortekai button sets and others with issues of SUPER! or during reorders of either. Having these buttons at shows is easy. People can see them and decide which they want to get and charging for them is not difficult. Selling them at shops has proved more troublesome.

Each button has a production cost. Listing the items in my Etsy Shop or sending them to stores also has a cost. If I sell them through shops they sell buttons on consignment or buy them at whole sale. This usually means I get fifty percent and the shop gets fifty percent. Etsy charges for listing an item. Selling the items usually means using paypal which has a fee also. Trying to list buttons individually or sell them through shops that way is tough to figure out money wise. Everybody wants a piece of the pie.

I have wanted to make these buttons more widely available. The economics of this has gotten in the way. The solution I came up with is to put these buttons into sets. This way the costs off set a bit and when I sell them it makes sense. This is what they the sets look like.

I decided that I would include four buttons a sticker in each set. I am also hand printing the top closures. This turned out to be a fun process as I made a small drawing on each of the tops. Also I can now sell the sets for the same price as my other button sets, which I feel is fair.

I have tired to keep the costs of my comics and zines reasonable. I have also tired to do this with my shirts, buttons and prints. I think my work should be affordable. I would love for more people to be able to read and view all of my work. But there has to be a trade off. I cannot spend money to produce these items and than give them away. If I did that there would be no more. Also as stated there are production costs all along the way not to mention the time involved with producing the products.

Whatever the case I hope to list these in my Etsy shop soon. If you happen to live near Star Clipper you can go and get a set for yourself! They are the first store to have them. The sets, and SUPER!, will also soon be available at Desert Island in Brooklyn. I think these sets are fun. Each one is a mix of styles that work well together. I hope people will enjoy them!


P.S. sorry about the bad photoshopping in the first image :^)

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