Monday, October 27, 2008

We Live in a Barbaric World

We live in a Barbaric world. At least according to Albany Councilman Jimmy Scalzo we do. Crazy right? I thought we, humanity or at least maybe America, had moved past barbarism. Not the case I guess, mint. Here is Scalzo's exact quote taken from the Times Union.

"We live in a barbaric world, unfortunately," Scalzo said. "It's unexplainable, really, this type of violence."

Yeah that sucks. It really sucks that he is stating what he feels is fact. We live in a barbaric world and he cannot explain the violence. Wow that is completely terrible. Maybe can we look into prevention if we do not know how to explain it? That would be a good start, preventing violence may end the violence hence no need for explanation.

Here is another quote from the same Times Union story.

Albany Councilman Jimmy Scalzo, who lives on Yates, called the area a solid neighborhood.

So it is a solid neighborhood in a barbaric world where violence cannot be explained? Is it possible to have a multiple statement oxymoron? This shit blew my mind when I read it. I came across these statements while reading an article about a shooting that occurred last Monday.

This article form the Time's Union goes over it all. The long and short of the story is a kid was walking home after watching Monday night football when we got shot in the head. He was a senior at UAlbany and hailed from Long Island.

The police had no leads at the time the article was written. They recovered no weapon. They had no suspects. I did a light search and have not found any follow up articles. I feel really bad for this kids family because it does not feel like they will find the person or persons responsible for this.

Now I was not going to post anything about this. It is not something I really want to write about. I really do not know what to say other than to express how fucked up it is. There are a million other people who can write a million better articles to explain it all better than I can.

The thought of writing a post came to me following something that occurred this past Saturday morning. After spending the night at a friend's house I decided to walk home. A friend who lives in the same direction as I do also wanted to leave so we walked out together. On the way down Ontario Street we walked by a crime scene.

At the time I was unsure of what had happened. We came upon the scene fairly quickly after we left my friend's place. There was police tape blocking a large area off. A few streets were totally blocked and it looked like a sizable investigation was under way. We continued on our walk quickly. Stopping and checking things out would not have been a good idea. What we had just seen sparked a conversation about the shooting and violence in general. I did not check into what had taken place until today after I read a food critic was attacked. You can read about that here

After reading the article about Steve Barnes and friend I was curious to see what had happened on Saturday morning. This is the article I found. Apparently we missed walking by a stabbing by a few moments.

So now that is an attack, a stabbing and a shooting. All in one week. If you read the article on the shooting there was also an attempted mugging and a full on mugging last Monday night. The shooting and the stabbing happened blocks from each other and in the same neighborhood. The same neighborhood that is solid but also barbaric.

After coming across Councilman Scalzo's quote I had to write something. Saturday morning made me think about it but reading the articles today and those quotes really did it. Can people stop killing, stabbing and victimizing each other? Please?

This is really insane to me. If you add up all of the events and crimes from the past week and add in the over 100 car break ins over the past few months it is shocking. You could also add in my stolen gas cap as well as the others that were stolen from around Washington park as well as the car that was broken into on our block. Even the police were robbed.

It is a slight comfort to know that the cops can catch a crook. Well they can catch a crook if the crook gets caught on camera. Well they didn't get him after that really. They actually ended up getting him because people called in with his identity. They were able to arrest two suspects in the stabbing. They also caught a few people they feel are responsible for several of the car break ins.

These crimes should never have happened. I'm sorry this post is really all over the place. I just hope that people can realize that if we all stop fucking each other over we may actually get some where.


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