Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Something I Saw Today In Albany

I had to return Horror of Dracula to the Albany Public Library Main Branch today. Doing so meant a short walk around town. Such a walk would also mean without a doubt I would see a thing or two that would either be odd or interesting. That is Albany.

Walking down Lark Street toward Central Avenue, where the library is located, I came upon an interesting sight. Outside of Bomber's Burrito Bar there was a large lady sitting, half slumped over, on the steps. This was peculiar because it was a cold outside and it was also raining lightly making sitting on these steps surely an unpleasant thing.

I continued on walking slowly and looking back a few times toward Bomber's. I thought about trying to see if the woman needed help. She may have been sick or hurt. However I did not know for sure and the people inside Bomber's probably had called for help already. There is also the fact that for some reason trying to get in touch with the police for any reason other than an emergency or if you have a boot on your car is nigh impossible in Albany.

I arrived at the library a few moments and a few blocks later. There are always men, who look a bit homeless, gathered around outside the entrance to the library. For the most part they seem harmless. On a past visit I saw one guy seemingly pulling up and refastening his pants but I could have been mistaken. Today one of the security guards for the branch was talking with them so they must be alright.

I popped in and out of the library quickly. All I had to do was drop off the DVD I had borrowed. I made my way back out onto Central avenue heading toward Lark street. Passing by the bus stop on the corner of Central and Lark I got to see some interesting characters who possessed an even more interesting fashion sense. I want to ride the bus but I feel like I would need to bring a cross, some silver bullets and a hazmat suit.

As I made my way down Lark I heard a fire engine coming. I paused to take a look at it speeding by. It was a blazing red blur. Putting my head down I continued on. The air was really cold and crisp. I could smell a wood burning fire. When I next picked up my head I was staring at the engine that had just passed me. It was pulled up right outside of Bomber's.

My first instinct was apparently on the money. A lady slumped over on a set of steps on a cold rainy day needs help. There were firemen checking her when I got to the Bomber's side of the street. I passed by as a few other emergency vehicles were pulling up. The men were using an electronic devices on the woman. It looked similar to the ones that they advertise on t.v. to check your blood sugar if you have diabetes. She looked tired, beat.

I didn't want to get in the way so I continued home. Walking on Willett street I saw an ambulance coming down Madison avenue toward Lark. An ambulance was the one emergency vehicle that was not parked outside of Bomber's when I passed. They seem to have a slower response time than fire trucks. I continued toward home. My door was another block down.

So that is something I saw today in Albany. I hope the lady is okay. I am sure the emergency medical technicians will be able the situation.

kevin b.

p.s. This is a calmer post because I am sure that my head will explode all over the Internet again soon enough. The people here at the shitty ass Willett Apartments want to charge us a yearly FIVE HUNDRED dollar pet fee. One of the reasons we moved in here was because we had pets and liked the maintenance they promised. So far these bitches have failed to deliver big time. More as the situation develops because I am getting pissed just writing this.

p.p.s. I have to write about the insanity that is the Albany public Library one time. Yikes.

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