Thursday, October 23, 2008

A List Of A Few Things Which Are Alright

1.) Brewery Ommegang's Chocloate Indulgence. I had this on draft Tuesday at Mahar's. It had a nice chocolate smell and a pleasing taste that had a pleasing soft bitterness.

2.) Hammer Films Horror of Dracula. This movie is out of sight. I think it is the combination of Technicolor, British accents and excellent sets that make it good. Peter Cushing being the man adds to the films radness. Christopher Lee is also good in this film although I wish he got was given more dialouge. I would also recommend checking out the other Hammer Dracula films. While they get more kitschy the further removed from this film they are all still worth a viewing.

3.) Apple's Ipod Touch. My brother Mikey gave me his Ipod Touch to borrow. I was skeptical at first if this device was even worth bothering with. A few friends have the Ipod touch or Iphone and while cool I was not blown away by them. Let me tell you I have now been blown. You need to borrow one or really try one out to get the full experience. Ipod touch is the goodness.

4.) Sillysoft game's Lux Touch for the Ipod Touch. Another great thing for the touch is all of the free downloadable content. Actually I guess you could count this as a negative also. Downloading and trying out games and applications can waste a ton of time. Anyway Lux is kinda like a simple version of Risk. I have been addicted to it since I first tried it. World domination at your finger tips, awesome.

5.) Lexcyle's Stanza Ereader. This is an application that allows you to download and read books on your Ipod Touch. This balances out the mind numbing affect that Lux and other games can have on your melon. The application connects to several libraries from which you can download content. The best thing is you can download hundreds of classic books for free. The files are also small enabling you to store hundreds on you Ipod. They are also laid out nicely and are very easy to read.

Okay so this turned into a bit of an Ipod Touch commercial. I think it is a fun device but I would not buy one for myself unless they end up going down in price. If that happens though it means another mo betta Ipod has arrived. This new improved Ipod will probably be able to fly or teleport or make you dinner. Something much better will be available when the Touch is cheaps.

For what is left of the month when it comes to films I would recommend over dosing on horror movies. You know you want to. The bright red fake blood, the gore galore, the creepy music all make horror movies fun. October means two things horror movies and baseball. Well I guess you could also claim October means Pumpkin spice beer and Girls in slutty Halloween costumes. Go to a party, drink Pumpkin spice beer, find a girl wearing a slutty costume and get her to watch scary movies with you. That should cover most of what October represents. If you are a woman substitute a guy for the girl. If you are into girls and are a girl you do not have to make said substitution. I think this is a good plan for everyone.

Go try a new beer,



Indian Ladder Farms Apple Cider Donuts. These are fucking awesome.

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