Monday, October 20, 2008

Let's Go Rays!

The Rays pulled it off on Sunday. They managed to stop the Red Sox, yuck, from going to the World Series. Praise Jeebus! Between Crapplebon's celebration antics and Kevin Pukekils's terrible batting stance I would not have been able to take it if the Sawox won another title. What the heck is up with that anyway? Did hell actually freeze over when the Eagles got back together?

Whatever the reason they won in the past they do not get a chance at a title this year. Have fun not playing baseball a-holes. Boo hoo bean town, maybe next year. This means the last to first Rays get a chance to bring a world championship to Tampa Bay.

I hope they are able to do it. I kinda don't like the Philles. That Chase Utley rubs me the wrong way. I wish he wouldn't rub me at all but he keeps sneaking up on me. He is shockingly quick and has a ninja like degree of stealth. I want somebody to give Chase some Tic Tacs so he sounds like a baby rattle when he walks. That way I can be ready for him.

Suck it Chase Utley,


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