Monday, October 13, 2008

I Recorded Like Four or Five Dracula Films This Weekend

There was a vampire movie marathon on this past Friday night, which bled into saturday morning. I watched a few before I realized that I could DVR these fangtastic, sorry, films. The Hammer Dracula Films were the big attraction as I had not seen them before. I got the DVR started just as my brother Mikey joined me. We recorded and watched the movies while straining to stay awake. After about a flick and a half my brother and I passed out. Good thing the DVR does not need sleep. I love you DVR.

Anyway Cap's party was Saturday night so I had the first part of the day to spend with my brother and a vampire picture or two. After that I got the lord of awesome Gigam from the Deer Park train station and we went on a trip to pick up supplies and other items, beer, for the nights festivities. After this we had to wait like two hours for my sister to get ready. This was a bit frustrating. Anyway we made it to the party and partying took place.

Long story short Monday rolled around and I had not gotten to watch all of the Dracula films I had recorded. Did I mention that these films are on the DVR at my parents new house? So I guess this means I will have to wait until my next visit home to watch them. I think this will be around Thanksgiving. Son of bitch!

So in honor of the prince of darkness, the son of satan, I give you a print the the head vampire himself Dracula. This print was made a few years ago, print making materials are not easy to get or cheap so shut it. It was printed from a linoleum cut midway through the cutting process. The paper is a newsprint like stock which actually looks great in person. I scanned the print and cleaned it up a bit in photoshop.

Go and watch some vampire movies, now! Make sure to watch the Hammer films if possible they are really great. I honestly do not know if I can explain why I love them other than to say you would have to watch them to really get it. Peter Cushing is the man and Christopher Lee rules.

Taste the blood of Dracula,


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Blogger Conrad said...

"There was a vampire movie marathon on this past Friday night, which bled into saturday morning."


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