Thursday, October 16, 2008

Smiley smile...

I got a text message that my friends want to get some Harp Lager and go drink it. I asked where did they get the idea for Harp? Not surprisingly the answer was out of thin air. Antwuan said that Harp just got into his head. He said he only had it once at Irish Fest 2000 but wants to get his Harp on today. I think I may go with them since they are going to Oliver's Beverage which is an awesome place to get beer.

Here is the image for today. I guess these smile paint marker pieces are part of a series. This was done with paint markers on canvas. Enjoy!

So far so good today just a little bit of rain. Things are going pretty good. I took Shelby for a rainy walk/run that was fun. Here is a picture of Shelby, I will get a better one soon.

Please universe let things keep going well,


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