Friday, October 24, 2008

I Felt Like Writing Something Today But Then...

I really could not think of anything. I woke up today feeling really happy. Like really happy. Like Christmas morning happy.

Christine stayed home today so we layed in bed with Francine and Shelby. I woke up and did some banking stuff, some computer stuff, and a few other things around the apartment. The wood floors chill your feet a bit while you walk around. There is a cold winter morning feeling in the apartment today.

So waking up and feeling like it was Christmas was awesome. Christine is making what I guess you would call brunch now as I type this. So I could not think of anything that I needed to write about. Right now there are no things I want to mock, no one who needs to be called an a-hole and I do not even feel like posting any art. I just feel happy.

So I wish you all a morning like this,


P.S. I also am psyched because I will e going to Brown's Brewing Company in Troy at seven tonight. This weekend is starting off awesome.

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