Thursday, October 23, 2008

Howie Rose A Total Douche

I have discovered the reason why the New York Mets and the New York Islanders always get screwed. The reason is the mega jinx that goes by the name Howie Rose. Howie does the Mets radio broadcasts and the Islanders TV broadcasts. I swear to you dear friends he is a jinx of the highest order and a total douche.

Howie Rose is a mega mush. He is more of a mush than Eddie Mush they character that gets thrown into a closet in A Bronx Tale. Watching an Islander game is completely nerve racking. Howie "Fish Face" Rose does not let a game go by without throwing out a hex or two. If you do not believe in jinxes or hexes I ask you to watch a game with me, you will become a believer.

I sat down and turned on the Islander's game tonight expecting a fifty-fifty chance of winning. The Isles are playing the Stars, the game is still on as I am typing, who have not really been shining too brightly so far this season. A win was not out of the question at the start of the game. The Isles even had a defenseman, Chris Campoli, coming back off of an injury that kept him out since last January.

Fat chance of things looking up for long though. About thirty seconds into the game he mentioned that Mike Ribeiro has been cold so far this year after coming off of an 83 point performance last season. Guess who got an assist at 3:30 of the first? You got it good old Mike Ribeiro.

Do you think that fed the jinx? No way dear reader not by a long shot! Mr. Ribeiro also got an assist at 14:13 and at 18:22. This is his first career three assist game. Are you picking up what I am putting down here? Howie Rose is jinx made human.

So at the top of the broadcast, as stated, Howie mentioned that Chris Campoli was coming back from an injury. About nine minutes or so into the game the not so unbelievable happened. Brendan Witt who is probably the most important defenseman on the Islanders was injured. Howie Rose strikes again! Good old HR was saying how important Witt was and guess what? Boom injury, that's what. Howie Rose you unholy bastard why?

I ask all of the Mets and Islander fans out there to join together with me and petition to have Howie taken off of the air. I cannot take much more of this. Year after year of watching games where you team is clinging to a lead only to see it crumble before the might of Rose is becoming too much to bear. Howie must be stopped. He is the anti-Christ of sports.

I really cannot take much more,


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