Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween is for Halloweenies

Pete and Pete ruled it big time. I feel sorry for the kids growing up with Nickelodeon today. These poor bastards have to watch crap like Drake & Josh or ICarly. Nickelodeon is fucking terrible these days. Those shows are going to be the reason these kids grow up without souls. So to thank Nickelodeon for turning the youth of today into soulless zombies I give you Pete and Pete's "Halloweenie". Thanks Nick for once being cool and for creating the monsters of tomorrow!

Parte Uno

Teil Zwei

Bun San

And for further enjoyment here is the Pete & Pete short "Halloween."

So have a fun Halloween. Be careful and try not to get too crazy. Have fun dressing up in outrageous outfits and trick or treating. Remember to check the candy for razor blades. Oh and if someone gives you pennies or pencils or some other crap you gotta egg that house or at least throw up some TP.

If partying with costumes on is more your thing go for it! Make sure to do a shot of Tequila for me. After that do a Car Bomb. If the bartender asks you what kind of Car Bomb you want get the fuck out of that bar because you do not want to be there. There is only one Car Bomb sir and it is Irish and anyone who tells you otherwise is an uneducated liar who is trying to make some terrible drink sound cool.

Jager Bombs!


P.S. I hope someone eggs Mike Francesa's house. He refused to eat turds so screw him.

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