Tuesday, October 07, 2008

George Lucas, A Total Dick?

When you create something and want to share it with people they get to share in the story. George Lucas was the man. This is a fact sir. Indiana Jones and Star Wars were the mintest when I was young. THE MINTEST.

As I write this I am watching a "documentary" on the second disc of "Revenge of the Sith". The doc is called "The Chosen One" and goes about explaining how by adding Episodes I, II and III George Lucas is a genius. False I say.

Watching this I get the feeling that George Lucas is just spouting some bullshit while thoughts of swimming around in his huge money bin back on Skywalker ranch run through his mind. The basic idea of these movies is now supposed to be the story of Anakin becoming a jedi, being seduced by the dark side, becoming Vader and fucking shit up and finally being like "You know what evil is not so cool" ending up being redeemed.

FUCK THAT. You do not have to watch the whole to enjoy a part of something. The first "Lord of the Rings" film was good. I really did not like the last two so I will not be watching them again. The same goes for Star Wars. While I enjoyed some of the fight scenes in "Revenge of the Sith" and it is the most tolerable of the new films, I do not plan on watching it every Thanksgiving or Christmas. I like less douche and more Han Solo with my Tofurkey thanks.

I think it cheapens the other films by having the entire plot of the whole saga coming to rest on Anakin. If you have seen these films you will know how bad the acting and dialogue are. The fun of the original films were just not in Episodes I-III. The fun of the original films came from them being obvious throw backs to other material, same thing with Indiana Jones which may explain why the newest installment also was a huge turd.

Somewhere along the way enough people told George Lucas that his shit didn't stink and he started to believe it. Enter George Lucas the infalable genius and exit George Lucas the creative and exciting pastiche artist. He was the forerunner to Tarantino, the king of taking other people's ideas and slapping them together into something "new" (I will get to him another time). The artistic merit and the morality of this style aside it can result in entertaing cinema.

It was just a sad thing to watch the documentary and see the thoughts that went into making the film. This is the exact opposite of what i was hoping for when I decided to watch the doc. All I got out of it is that I feel these movies do not need to exist.

This story and overall tale is George Lucas's, not mine or anyone elses. He can do what he wants to his films and edit them however he wants. If he feels like going back in and editing Star Wars again so he can sell more copies go for it. Make that bank! This does not mean that he is improving them when he does this. It also means that eventhough he may feel he added to his story I feel he royally screwed it up.

I mean seriously Midi-chlorians, what the fuck?


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