Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Don't Break It...

This piece is called "don't break it." This was done on canvas with paint markers. I think I made a light pencil sketch first before I put the paint done. This would also be part of the "series" of paintings that I have been posting over the past month. I hope you enjoy it.

I realized I had not posted any new art in a while so I thought I would change that. Tomorrow may be more art or more writing depending on what thoughts come to me before I sit done at my computer. I have been thinking lately about wealth lately and the way it is used and held. I have also been thinking about the way people treat each other and value the individual over society. Ugh, I won't ruin the art by ranting now. Let's all wait and see what happens tomorrow.

Maybe a beer review sometime this week to lighten things up?


p.s. I know this is the second "don't break it" that I have posted.

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