Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Congratulations Universe You Win

I could not even get twenty four hours. In fact it was only about an hour, maybe a bit more, since I put up the last post. That is right I have taken another one in the ass.

I decided to get the mail today. I have the only key to our mail box here in the crappy Willett Apartments. I saw a Time Warner cable bill in there today. Now I have not seen a Time Warner bill, ever. Christine says she takes care of that bill as well as the electric. Would you call being almost three months in bills behind taking care of it?


So I guess now I have to pay this bill or it will never be paid. God knows if our lights will remain on with the way the woman has been handling the bills. I really have to hand it to whoever makes my life a series of non-stop annoyance. I could not come up with half of the shit that comes at me out of left field. Congratulation universe, you win.

By the way did I mention that Christine also got the boot on my car? Guess how much? Removing the boot cost me three hundred and thirty five dollars. Now try and guess how much of that money I will ever get back.



P.S. Christine is one ticket away from a boot herself.



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