Thursday, October 30, 2008

Come on Joe Madden!

Grant Balfour?!?! You went with Grant "Good Day Mate" Balfour?!?! Why Joe Madden? Oh dear God, Why?

Watching the last three innings of game five of the World Series last night was like watching the aftermath of a car wreck. There was carnage everywhere. In addition to the carnage I had to watch that douche Geoff Jenkins dance all over second base after getting a hit. Apparently his wife also gave birth to a son earlier in the day. Congrats on the kid, shame on you for that gay celebration. Eat it Geoff.

Anyway Balfour was already in the game which had started two days prior. If you did not know already the game got called going into the bottom of the sixth tied at 2-2 and was resumed last night after major rainage. So here we are Jenkins gets a hit, some other crap happens bing bang boom the Phillies are up a run. Dammit.

After that Rocco Baldelli came through big time with a homer and tied the game. This was a great moment for the Rays and Baldelli who has been battling Mitochondrial disease all year long. He may have also been battling it last year but I am not sure and I will not be checking. So here comes Baldelli, who had 80 at bats all year, to the plate and he jacks one out of the park. This homer came off of Ryan Madsen who had been lights out since the end of August.

But the bullpen for the Rays would cough up a lead again and that was pretty much it. Thanks J.P. Howell you really did a great job. Pat Burrell got a hit. He was lifted for pinch runner Eric Bruntlett. Shane Victorino grounded out sending Bruntlet to third. Then Pedro Feliz got a one off of Chad Bradford with the infield pulled in. The Phillies were ahead for good.

Now onto the biggest question of the night. Why no David Price from the restart of the game? What could you possibly have been thinking Joe Madden? I ask you What? David Price throws harder than hard and had been great so far in the post season. He also had shown he was capable of going multiple innings. I cannot fathom why he was not in the game when it counted. Bringing him in when the Phillies were ahead was a horrible joke. The only answer that I can come up with is Madden had placed a huge bet on the Phillies to win in five. Maybe he bet his house or something.

I am not even going to talk about the play Chase Utley made. Screw Chase Utley. I really hate him. I hope he puked up champagne last night.

So it was a bitter night. When I woke up today I was a bit frustrated. Thinking the whole thing over though I was able to find two silver linings.

One being all of the Met fans that I know have to choke on the fact that the Phillies won the World Series. Actually it is a bit worse than that. They have to choke on the fact that they let the Phillies into the playoffs and the Phillies won the championship. That really must hurt. Eat it Met fans.

The other being that Mike Francesa would have to eat a ton of shit today. Yesterday he shouted down any caller that brought up not using David Price to restart the game last night. A few callers actually suggested what Madden ended up doing. Now while that decision back fired big time they were right in guessing what Madden would do. Francesa was wrong as a motha fucka. So he should belly up to the table and eat a ton o crap and apologize to the people he disrespected yesterday. I listen to him because I enjoy sports talk but I cannot stand his attitude or how he treats callers. Eat up Mike!


So far he has not eaten one speck of poop. I have little faith that Mike will admit how wrong he was. He is going to leave the whole steaming plate of crap sitting there uneaten.

He did however bring up another contradiction. One caller yesterday brought up the ratings that this suspended game would draw. Mike stated he thought they would do over a ten but would not get much higher. The caller thought the number could get as high as a fourteen. Mr. Francesa confidently asserted that the caller was getting a bit nuts. The numbers would not get to fourteen. He urged the caller to not get crazy. Can you guess what the number Mike reported was today? FOURTEEN! Mike rolled it off as impressive but again did not acknowledge how wrong he was yesterday. Mike come on eat the shit, eat the whole god damn plate.


P.S. The umpires screwed the Rays. Check that one out for yourself.

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