Friday, September 26, 2008

One for Gigam!

Sir I will take the challenge. I pick up the gauntlet that you have thrown down raise it up and give you a little tap on the cheek with it. Take that!

More blog updates more of the time.

That being said here is a picture for yo weekend. Let us hope it stops raining here in Albany. It has rained three out of the past four weekends. dammit.

This was done on canvas paper with paint markers. I do not have a title but I did use nervous as the file name. I am hoping to be able to do a bunch of these paintings soon for a place up here called the Albany Art Room. I think they are having some kind of holiday art sale or something and they may accept some small paintings. Cross your fingers or whatever else you got.

So more posts soon. Maybe I will do another beer review or two as well as some more writing. I have written a few things here and there so who know what will be posted as this blog comes back to life.

Mortekai is SUPER!

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