Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Next Monday Bath Fitter has an appointment scheduled to come and put in our new tub, or tub cover whatever. Victory! I spoke with Russ Downey yesterday and he confirmed the appointment. He was also surprisingly not hard to deal with and had zero attitude. Maybe he took the week to think about his actions and felt a bit of remorse? One can hope.

This means for us that a new, non dirty tub is in our immediate future. Baths sir! We can take baths if we wish! This will also lead to zero frustration with our apartment, I hope. At the least it will mean a more pleasurable washing experience.

So happy day friends, happy day. On this fine Tuesday I decided to post a favorite of mine. This piece is titled "Marvelous!" which would be a truly fitting title if I did not happen to stick Batman in the drawing. Sorry about that.

This piece was done using pencil, a continuous line drawing, some acrylic paint and black ink. I used to be a fan of Marvel comics. My first comic was a copy of Conan the Barbarian. I loved them at the time and still do for the most part. This love was due mostly to the art of John Buscema. John Buscema rules. This is getting a bit off topic and I hope to do a full post about Mr. Buscema in the future. He is the reason I love art and comics.

I have been working on a new comic series/idea called "Comics I Wanted to Make When..." which would be set in and around periods of time in my life. The comics would deal with reality and the fantasy of the comics I read at that time. They would also focus on and be told in a style of the comics I wanted to make at the time. I feel what you read and enjoy tells a bit about where you are. This idea is still being developed right now. I know there will be a Marvel inspired issue, at least one, when I get this project under way.

Anyway here is the image and have a marvelous Tuesday!!



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