Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lies and deception!!

Well friends it is time to name names. After writing that post and being a bit angry, sorry for the cuss words, I decided to go down to give it the peaceful approach. I tried once again to have Tammy Wyant, the office manager here at the Willett Apartments, to give me a date for when I could expect our problem to be fixed. Once again she was unable to do so. I may be getting ahead of myself here though.

The problem that I am having with our apartment involves our bathtub. Yes for the second time in two apartments we am having a problem with our bathtub, insane. This time around the problem is not so severe, we do not have a black garbage bag holding things together. The problem is that the genius who ran things here at the Willett thought he could spray paint the bathtubs white. HE THOUGHT HE COULD SPRAY PAINT THE BATHTUBS. For anyone out there who thinks you can do this you can't. The paint sticks for a day and then the peeling begins.

When you are taking a shower pieces of tub peel off. This may not happen every time you take a shower and sometimes the pieces are small so you do not notice them while washing. All of this adds up though to have a constantly clogged drain. No big deal right? False, while it would not be a big deal if the tub retained a little water this is not what is going on. What happens is you start the shower and the next thing you know you are about mid shin deep in water.

I have had to have one of the maintenance people come by a few times to clear the drain. I could not get everything out myself and to tell the truth it is not my fault so it is on them. The drain gets emptied, clogs, gets emptied and then clogs again. This is a frustrating thing believe me I tried to let it slide a few times. Oh wait I forgot what makes it not only frustrating but really disgusting as well, the spray paint tub totally sucks up every bit of dirt that touches it. THE SPRAY PAINT SUCKS UP EVERY PIECE OF DIRT THAT TOUCHES IT.

So here you are not only taking a shower standing in a tub full of water, it is a tub full of filthy water. All the dirt that may wash off of your feet, or out of your hair, or off of wherever, gets a shot at sticking around in the tub. Gross is not even the right word for this.

So now you have a peeling tub that is about three colors, a tub that fills while you take a shower standing in remnants of your own filth. These problems are also leading to major mold growth.

This is what we are dealing with.

Now let me explain to you something here. The first time this problem came up I went down to the office and Tammy Wyant filled out a repair slip. A few days later maintenance showed up and the tub was scraped clean. Then they re-spray painted it. This process left us without a shower for two days, not a big deal but an inconvenience. This "solution" lasted for about two maybe three days before the peeling started up again. I went back to the office Tammy Wyant filled out another repair slip and the maintenance guys came back. They wanted to peel the tub and spray it again but thought that this problem would keep happening. Why can we do instead?

To this I was told the apartment above us had Bath Fitter installed. AWESOME that would solve the problem and we would be good to go. This lead to asking for this to be done in our apartment. Tammy Wyant would have to check with her boss, or her bosses boss, or someone who would have to check with someone else who would need to contact someone else. Long story short we asked them to do this about three months back. It could be a bit more or less but that feels like it is about right. This all leads up to our lease coming up for renewal. Actually it was not just a renewal, they had the never to ask us for an extra one hundred dollars a month. Our apartment is not in any better condition in fact it is worse and they want more money.

That is when I decided it would be okay to pay the extra money and avoid the hassle of moving if we would be able to have our bathroom done with Bath Fitter. After some back and forth they agreed and even put it in writing, well technically typing. Here is what the letter says.

"Dear Resident 92-2C:

When the lease amendment is signed, and returned to the office with the $50.00 security deposit adjustment, we will setup an appointment with Bath Fitter to come and redo you bathtub. You will be notified of the appointment so you can remove your personal items from the shower. If you have any questions please feel free to call.


Tammy Wyant

Office Manager"

That is what it says exactly with the typos and everything included. Great right? Sounds like a plan that will fall into place perfectly. Having been told that a call would be place September 3, the day we signed the amendment, it would seem all would be well.

Not so fast cheif. After a few days of waiting, following the months of waiting, we had not heard anything about when Bath Fitter would be coming. This lead to me going to the office to ask Tammy Wyant if she had heard anything. Her response was that Bath Fitter had been contacted but they were backed up and it would take some time for them to come out. After hearing this and other excuses for a few days I decided to see how backed up Bath Fitter was for myself. I was able to contact Bath Fitter myself on Friday the 12th. Two helpful ladies there were able to find out what was going on for me. It seems that Tammy Wyant had told a little white lie or maybe was told a little white lie and repeated it to me. See Bath Fitter had not been contacted for an appointment. So I asked if I could set one up but I could not since I am renting and do not own the apartment.

I could ask them to contact the Sterling Management Corp. The woman did so and Bath Fitter showed up to measure the tub on the 15th. Unfortunately I was working as an extra on the film Taking Woodstock, which itself is tale of woe for another time, at the time so I could not be here to meet with the Bath Fitter people or Russ Downey who is the Maintenance manager or building manager or general douche bag for the Willett Apartments. Sorry about that but he is a very rude and untruthful individual.

During the week after the first appointment there was a feeling that things would move forward. I stopped in the office another two times asking again if they had a date for an appointment. I was told by Tammy Wyant that it would take a few weeks again because Bath Fitter was backed up. Sounds familiar right? I gave this a day or two before I went down and asked again. This time I was told that Bath Fitter was making a mold and it would take sometime for it to be finished. What really is bothering me about all of this is I cannot get a date from these people of when things will take place. After what had gone on the week before I decided to call Bath Fitter again. Now I realize I cannot make an appointment but I can call the company to find out what is going on.

When I called this time I was put in touch with Ron, who had been working with this account. See that is the other frustrating thing dealing with an apartment building like this, there are so many different names and people to deal with nothing is easy to get done. There are also three names, that I know of, these companies use. ARJA Realty, The Cole Group and Sterling Management Corp. Those are the company names after that I have to deal with Tammy Wyant and Russ Downey and who knows who else is above them or in between that has to be dealt with. After speaking with Ron and expressing to him what a pleasure it was to deal with Bath Fitter's customer service after the headaches I have had over here I moved on to ask what the situation was with our Apartment. I was told that they were waiting for approval before starting. They had not begun to make a mold and had NOT gotten approval to do so. This means once again there was a little white lie told all around. I explained to Ron the frustration of hearing different things from several different people and he understood promising to give Russ Downey a call.

It is now September 24 and they have yet to give Bath Fitter the go ahead to begin work on the tub. I gave my number to Bath Fitter and I hope to hear back from them because I cannot believe a word from the people here at the Willett. I am sure there are other things here and there I may have forgot but if you want to here more or discuss this please email me or post a comment.


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Blogger Conrad said...

As horrible as your situation is, this was well written and funny and an enjoyable read.

START UPDATING YOUR FUCKING BLOG MORE! (and maybe I'll do the same)

And let's skype.


5:36 PM, September 26, 2008  

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