Monday, September 29, 2008

I May be Late on This but KEN LOOKS LIKE BIGFOOT

So I signed up for Yelp the other day. After reading a few reviews I thought, "What the heck?", and and went for it. The couple of reviews I have posted are not that mind bending and truthfully probably not so helpful. They are honest though and short so that is good.

Anyway while I was on yelp the other day and stumbled across something that almost blew my mind out. This really almost blew my mind out of my head. On one particular post I noticed an odd profile photo. Which post this was on and the person who had it are escaping me but they deserve credit big time. Here is the photo.

There are no words.

After searching on the interweb I came across this blog post about Ken and his lovely LP cover. The post is called Ken - By Request Only - The Complete Story..

Having read that post I realized I have come to the whole Ken thing late. This apparently was a hot topic of discussion at one point. I cannot imagine paying one hundred and fifty dollars for his album but I guess with the "internet buzz" the cover generated you get paid for having something like this laying around in your house. I wish peeps on the net would start talking about some stuff I have. I would love to make bank on ebay.

Here is a list, from the same site, of the ten worst album covers. There are some other hidden gems in here. This list could also raise discussion about which is truly "worst" as compared to which is "bad good". Take a look at the link here, Ten Worst Album Covers.

The Man O War cover may be the best. Here is a link to an old post Look At This. After checking that out you may be able to see why I think the Man O War cover should get some more attention.

Have a lovely Monday,


P.S. Keep, keepin on James!

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