Monday, September 22, 2008

Apartments are the WORST!

So from living in Albany I have found out one thing for sure. I FUCKING HATE RENTING APARTMENTS! Every single one ends up having something wrong with it and you might as well deal with it because trying to get someone to fix it is a joke.

I have a suggestion for any people that happen to live in Albany and are thinking about renting an apartment and it happens to be owned by the Cole Realty Group do yourself a favor and shoot yourself in the FUCKING HEAD INSTEAD. We have had a simple problem with our apartment and these people cannot handle communicating the situation let alone get down to fixing the problem. You have to go to Z before B will talk to A who says they called about the problem but than Z says they never heard from B. Come ON!

I had to end up calling the company we needed to speak with to even get them out here to look at the apartment. Oh and this was after being told we could not get an appointment because they were backed up. I called the company and they showed up the next day. Frustration!!!


This is where we live now and if you live here I pray for you.

Willett Apartments
84 - 92 Willett St, Albany, 12210
Phone: (518) 463-8080
Fax: (518) 463-8063

And here is a picture for all of you that may want a little art with your afternoon rant. This is a color version of an image I already posted called "Video Games". This was colored using photoshop. I have a few video game themed works and I was thinking about making a zine about games and gaming.

Fight the POWER!


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