Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meatbrau by Conrad...

Beer Olympics! Yes my friends are having the second annual Beer Olympics this Saturday. I cannot make it because my friend Mark is having a birthday tomorrow night back in Albany (I think they may try and have a mini Beer Olympics). So I shall be missing this years event. Dammit.

Conrad, my sister Katie, and her boyfriend Super Steve will be forming an unholy alliance of dominance at Beer Olympics 2. I Can Haz Beer is the name to remember. There will be other great teams but I do not know if any will have such a great name or logo.

I have no idea how the Olympics will be run this year. I don't know what events will be involved. All I know is that everyone better be watching out for IHB. Meatloaf on a can of beer is the best.

Good luck!


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