Saturday, July 14, 2007

Posting more often would be good right?

Sorry for not posting as often as I should. Things have been a bit hectic. We moved to a new apartment and it has taken some time to get everything settled in. Our shower still needs the use of a bottle opener to change it from hot to cold, which sucks major ass, so the showers have been an adventure. Also I moved in after everything was put into the house and that lead to moving a bunch of stuff here and there. Don't get me wrong the new place is really nice and has, I would say, everything we need plus a nice backyard.

So for today I thought I would post a new drawering. Here it be.

This image is called Video Games. I did this one with pencil and pen on white paper. It is pretty simple a guy frustrated while playing a video game. I think it is because he can't get the high score or it could be because his girlfriend wants him to stop playing. Whatever story you like better is fine with me.

So I am going to try and return to a more regular posting schedule. The third issue is being worked on and so is another mini so I should have more stuff to post about. Also I am going to try and come up with some prints, sculptures and possibly some shirt stuff using transfers and markers and such. The idea of sometimes putting up a review of films, comics and other stuff has also crossed my mind but I do not think I would be a great reviewer so we'll see.

Ok until next time,


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