Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I wish this post was about Air Pirates or my trip to Wyoming but it isn't...

Yes that is a bag of dope on the back of Mickey Mouse's plane. The Air Pirates were a group of cartoonists who created two issues of an underground comic called Air Pirates Funnies in 1971, leading to a famous lawsuit by The Walt Disney Company. Founded by Dan O'Neill, the group also included Shary Flenniken, Bobby London, Gary Hallgren, and Ted Richards. In this comic several well known Disney characters do a variety of lewd and unlawful things. I will write a post soon (when I say soon I mean by Christmas).

When I was in Wyoming I met Sam Elliot. He is really tall and intimidating. I think he was more intimidating in person than he was in the movie Roadhouse but not quite as intimidating as in the movie Tombstone. Anyway I am going to write a post about this trip soon also.

So today I have an image along with these promises of posts to come. I did the original drawing with pencil, pen, and highlighters on paper. I than used Motherbox to change the colors a bit. Not sure if this is done yet but I kinda like the point where it is at. I hope you do also.

See ya,


Blogger Conrad said...

That's an awesome Sam Elliot photo.

But imagine how much more awesome it would be if he looked like this when you met him -

10:30 PM, July 28, 2007  

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