Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ear Muffs...

I GOT MOTHA FUCKIN MONSTER SQUAD ON DVD!!! I think most people know that the Monster Squad is awesome. I have written a few posts about it in the past, click here for them, where I do not really talk much about the film so much a direct you to a much better site that has a ton of info. That all being said having this movie on dvd is awesome. I have not seen the whole film for a long time and I think it is still a really fun movie to watch. Awesome!

So today the image I have is more of an experiment than a new image. I took a few sketches, that were done on white paper with pencil, and worked a bit with them in photoshop putting them together on a notepad background. Sorry you get nothing totally new but I don't get paid for this so tough noogies. Here is the image.

Ok so more later in the week. Also I have decided that I liked doing the review of Miller Chill so I will be putting up more reviews in the future. I am hoping you will like them.

Wolfman's got nards,


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