Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ear Muffs...

I GOT MOTHA FUCKIN MONSTER SQUAD ON DVD!!! I think most people know that the Monster Squad is awesome. I have written a few posts about it in the past, click here for them, where I do not really talk much about the film so much a direct you to a much better site that has a ton of info. That all being said having this movie on dvd is awesome. I have not seen the whole film for a long time and I think it is still a really fun movie to watch. Awesome!

So today the image I have is more of an experiment than a new image. I took a few sketches, that were done on white paper with pencil, and worked a bit with them in photoshop putting them together on a notepad background. Sorry you get nothing totally new but I don't get paid for this so tough noogies. Here is the image.

Ok so more later in the week. Also I have decided that I liked doing the review of Miller Chill so I will be putting up more reviews in the future. I am hoping you will like them.

Wolfman's got nards,

Sunday, July 29, 2007

work on the lord's day?

Yeah I decided two put A post up today, crazy write? This image does not really have a title. In my brain while I was drawing it I happened to be thinking that he was a detective. Maybe it can be called "detective". Then again we could call it "Pigs in space number THREE" for fun. Makes sense to me so it should be good enough for you.

Anyway I used a pen and ink on a piece of paper to create this image. Fairly simple but effective I think.

Thanks for looking,

p.s. I am not really religious so it was not that big of a deal for me to post today. <3

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I wish this post was about Air Pirates or my trip to Wyoming but it isn't...

Yes that is a bag of dope on the back of Mickey Mouse's plane. The Air Pirates were a group of cartoonists who created two issues of an underground comic called Air Pirates Funnies in 1971, leading to a famous lawsuit by The Walt Disney Company. Founded by Dan O'Neill, the group also included Shary Flenniken, Bobby London, Gary Hallgren, and Ted Richards. In this comic several well known Disney characters do a variety of lewd and unlawful things. I will write a post soon (when I say soon I mean by Christmas).

When I was in Wyoming I met Sam Elliot. He is really tall and intimidating. I think he was more intimidating in person than he was in the movie Roadhouse but not quite as intimidating as in the movie Tombstone. Anyway I am going to write a post about this trip soon also.

So today I have an image along with these promises of posts to come. I did the original drawing with pencil, pen, and highlighters on paper. I than used Motherbox to change the colors a bit. Not sure if this is done yet but I kinda like the point where it is at. I hope you do also.

See ya,

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Miller Chill a Huge Mistake

Today I am posting a review of Miller Chill. If you do not drink beer you probably won't care so I am sorry. Now you could be thinking to yourself something like, "What is he thinking posting a beer review?" to which I would respond "Trying to save your taste buds". That's right I am trying to keep you from making a HUGE mistake.

I guess I should start out by saying that I like Miller products. If we are going to or having a party I would choose Miller over Bud every time. That being said I am more a fan of smaller breweries and larger varieties of beer than what is offered from the big guys. One of my favorites is Blue Point Brewery's Toasted Lager. That bit of background should give you an idea of where I am coming from I hope.

Over the past week or so every time we would go to a bar in our area there would inevitably be an ad for Miller Chill. I guess the advertising worked because I became curious enough to try Miller's new product. After talking with a bartender at Lark Tavern I found out that this beer was made in the Chelada style with lime and salt. Immediately I thought that Miller was trying to cock block Corona this summer.

Miller Chill Cock blockin Corona all summer long...

Corona is one of the bigger beach/pool party beers. I have enjoyed a Corona or two in the past with a slice of lime. Actually I should tell the truth I more enjoyed the lime than the Corona but whatever. So hearing that Miller Chill had lime in it sold me on the idea of trying one. The four dollars the bottle would cost me at the bar however made my decision to hold off on trying it easy especially since you can get so many good beers for the same price at the tavern.

We happened to be going to Oliver's Beverage Center the next day and what do you know they also were sporting the ads for and carrying Miller Chill. I bought a six pack along with a six pack of Sly Fox Pils and a six of Hoptical Illusion from Blue Point. After arriving home I put the beers in the fridge and waited a bit for them to reach a good temperature.

Upon retrieving the beer from the fridge I had to use a bottle opener, again Corona came to mind, to open it. I poured the beer into a glass it looked like your average lite beer. The smell was the first clue thought that I was about to make the biggest little mistake of my day. Miller Chill smells something like you would expect it to if you were not expecting that much. The aroma is limeish I guess with a faint lite beer smell. The taste though is where you really find out you fucked up wasting money on this beer. Miller Chill tastes like a mix of watery margarita, Michelob Ultra, and horrible "salt" and "lime" flavoring. That description does not even do justice to the face of horror that you will make if you have the bad fortune to taste this beer. Someone I know who also was dumb enough to try the Chill said it tasted like a bad mix of beer and Zima. So if you are into that you may just be into Miller Chill.

So I guess there you have it. If you want beer and lime this summer stick with using a knife to cut one up before you place it in a Miller High Life or some other cheap lite beer. That would be a better choice. Also I think cock blocking Corona is fun so try not to drink one of those all summer if possible.

Back to drawings tomorrow,


p.s. I do not know if Miller made up Chelada style so the link above will take you to a wiki entry about Michelada style. Oh and here are a few links if you really want more info.

News story on Beer Advocates site Click Here

Reviews on Rate Beer's site Click Here

Miller Chill's official site Click Here

Here is an informative story from Kansas City Star but the article may be by a dude from the Wall Street Journal Click Here

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Posting more often would be good right?

Sorry for not posting as often as I should. Things have been a bit hectic. We moved to a new apartment and it has taken some time to get everything settled in. Our shower still needs the use of a bottle opener to change it from hot to cold, which sucks major ass, so the showers have been an adventure. Also I moved in after everything was put into the house and that lead to moving a bunch of stuff here and there. Don't get me wrong the new place is really nice and has, I would say, everything we need plus a nice backyard.

So for today I thought I would post a new drawering. Here it be.

This image is called Video Games. I did this one with pencil and pen on white paper. It is pretty simple a guy frustrated while playing a video game. I think it is because he can't get the high score or it could be because his girlfriend wants him to stop playing. Whatever story you like better is fine with me.

So I am going to try and return to a more regular posting schedule. The third issue is being worked on and so is another mini so I should have more stuff to post about. Also I am going to try and come up with some prints, sculptures and possibly some shirt stuff using transfers and markers and such. The idea of sometimes putting up a review of films, comics and other stuff has also crossed my mind but I do not think I would be a great reviewer so we'll see.

Ok until next time,

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Oh, Mocca...

So Mocca came and went and it was a lot of fun to be there. I got to see my good friends from Icecreamlandia which was great. Head over to their site for comics that are light years better than mine. Also I got to see some other friends, Sakura Maku, our new best friend Jamie, and the Lovely Ava and Griffen from Love Bound Train among others. I was up on the seventh floor, as mentioned last post, and I thank anyone for making the trip. It was really nice up there but I think we could have had done with a bit more traffic. It also may have helped if I could have been there on Sunday but whateva I had some horses to ride in Wyoming (post about that coming soon).

Ok I have a few pictures from the show. Here they are. Please enjoy them very much!