Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Mocca this weekend...

I will have a table at Mocca this coming weekend. If you are in the city come to the show. Mocca is one of the best shows that one can attend to see the best in mini comics and independent comics. My table is S24 and will be on the 7th floor in the Skylight Ballroom. Click here for all the info about the show.

At my table I will have SUPER! issues one and two, Mortekai buttons sets one and two, all previously released single buttons from Mortekai is SUPER!, the Mortekai Wolfboy t-shirt and some newly created Mortekai is SUPER! buttons. Here are images of the new buttons.

Gamma Power (White)

Gamma Power (Green)

Optic Blast

Morte Kai


If you want to view or purchase any of my other stuff please go to my Etsy shop. Click the link here. I will have all of the individual buttons in the store shortly after Mocca.

I also hope to have a few extra things available at the show if I can get them done in time.

Hope to see you there,

p.s. the third issue of SUPER! is coming soon...


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