Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Self Obsession

I am trying to do work and watch the Departed today. I think so far I like it. At least it seems like one of those movies you will like after the first time you see it but will seem not as good after several viewings. The cast is good so far and the score is great at most parts. The cinematography and pacing is also enjoyable. Mark Wahlberg's hair is totally nuts though take a look.

Sucks hard rite? Anyway I think it will finish off well. It could be a good thing that Scorsese finally got his Oscar for this. I think it would have made for a better story though if he never won an Oscar. Hitchcock and Kubrick and a bunch of others never got an Oscar and are still considered great directors. Awards truly mean nothing except maybe some more money. Not getting the Oscar would have added to his status as a director in my mind. Build the legend you know? But I guess the recognition is nice also.

Back to the point, the Departed = so far so good. And now here is todays illustration called "Self Obsession".

It was originally done with pencil, pen and ink, and highlighter on cardstock with a white out base. The original is more craggy when you look at it. At the time that I drew this I found myself sometimes complaining about some really unimportant shit. I also was feeling a neglect from the people in my life. I was contributing more than them and I wanted the equation to be balanced out. The text reads "Sick with self obsession" on top followed by, "Me first" on the bottom. I think it came out okay. I may try a larger version.

Ok back to work/movie time,



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