Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Return of the Jedi...

Here is a good one to start the year off. This is a picture I drew of the Werewolf of London. I found out about this movie when I was a little Kai in elementary school. The school library had a whole line of really cool books on different movie monsters. I remember checking these books out all of the time. The pictures inside the books were all in black and white. The stark and often grainy black and white really helped to capture the images of these horrific creatures in my mind. The monsters seemed more foreign and scary than they would ever have been in color. These monochrome images also added a sense of reality and life into the characters. I imagined some of the photos could have been taken from newspapers documenting these beasts destroying cities or ravaging country sides. These books really held my imagination. None so much so as the book about my favorite monster, the Wolfman.

The Wolfman was, and still is, completely fascinating to me. In most of his incarnations the Wolfman would transform from a sheepish or not physically imposing man into a feral and incredibly strong hybrid between man and wolf. The ability to transform himself was very intriguing. I was not very concerned at the time with the curse aspect of the whole tale. It was just fun to watch the Wolfman go crazy. The Wolfman was the shit (Until he got kicked in the nards in The Monster Squad after that he was not as cool).

Despite the werewolf in the Monster Squad going down like a sack of potatoes after taking a shot to the balls I still have a fond place for the Wolfman particularly the Werewolf of London. The make up in this movie always seemed to capture the wolf + man = Wolfman aspect for me almost perfectly. Below are a few pictures from the film. Click this link HERE to read more abouts it.

To create the original image I used pencil along with pen and ink on paper. After a quick scan into the Motherbox I edited some of the colors. I hope you like this because I think it came out well.



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