Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Monster Squad aka the one where Wolfman's got nards...

That title really has nothing to do with the image that I am posting today I would just really like to watch The Monster Squad. I was going to do a whole post about The Monster Squad until I stumbled across one that would put anything I could do to shame. Here is the link for The Ultimate Monster Squad Tribute. Damn it is so good. Here is a link to get straight to the part we all want to see Wolfman's got NARDS.

Ok so enough TMS. Here is the image I am posting for your enjoyment today.

This drawing is from the series "all of those astronaut drawings" some of which have been posted previously. To check out the old ones click here and right here. So how about the title clever rite? Yeah I will think of an actual title when I have the series done.

This particular image was done with pen and ink on paper than scanned into Motherbox and mutated, for the better I think. I may call this one "Home is better than space because all of the moon men are gone" not sure though.

I will lend you a dollar anytime,


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