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Ok so Conrad is one of the best friends you could have in your life, ever. He is also an all around fantastic specimen of radness. Conrad has a great mind and produces amazing work both at his job at Spike tv and on his own creating both films and photos that will blow your mind (he also created Eleven Hour Happy Hour which for any other man would be a life's achievement). Another thing about Rad is that the man might be a baseball encyclopedia that came to life and started walking. There are so many reasons why he is called Conradical it would melt your face if I mentioned them all. I think you can only handle a glimpse. So in todays post I am going to let you sneak a peek at living greatness.

Conrad has two blogs that he currently works on. Conradio is the first. This is his blog for dishing out creativity and energy in Gigam sized proportions. Through this blog you can find links to his photo and collage work as well as his films. I suggest checking them all out immediately. "The War is Over" in particular is amazing. It is Conrad's war documentary about his father and Vietnam. After I viewed the film I was intrigued with how Conrad could show love and hate in the same piece with such a high caliber of execution. His love for his father is countered by his distaste for war and the way he bounces one of the other will leave you staggered. Click this link HERE to visit the blog.

Conrads other offering in his attempt to make the internet safer for all of humanity is called Lies About Baseball. Yeah it has a sick name and even sicker content. Even if you do not like baseball you will get a laugh and maybe even a little tear of joy from the hilarity that is spread across this blog. Click this link HERE to go and read one of the best things on the internet.

What follows is a small selection of some of my favorite works created by Conrad. I think you will agree the talent is massive, the attack is determined and sharp as a razor. Check out that kissing emoticon, it's crazy right? The last image is my favorite. Ok enjoy.

Katie's cage with caged heat inside. Sick.

A master of disguises and breathing life into the dead. CJG as HST belize that.

There is no way it can get any better. Well maybe if you decided to get a tattoo of this but that may be the only way.

Skills kid! Before...

...and after, simple and to the point.

"Ok so whatever Conrad is really smart and witty and apparently talented but what else is there?" you may ask like a fool. To that I reply "The sexy". Conrad brings the sexy like no other. Here is a fine example of Conrad being super seductive. Try and resist this...just try.

Impossible, right? I bet you had to have some alone time with yourself after looking at that pose. Don't feel bad it happens, Conrad has an animal magnetism that cannot be stopped. Check out these poor saps. They could not resist the Conrad charm. Keith chased Conrad into the bathroom and got an eyeful. And I do mean an eyeful. Van stepped it up to the next level and attacked Conrads caulk head, or maybe mouth is more accurate, on. Get some kid!

I guess no post like this could be complete without a list of things that Conrad enjoys. He has a varied set of interests and such. You should try and enjoy these things too, expand those horizons.

Here is the cherry on top of the sundae. To cap off today's post we have some images of Connie doing what he does best, Livin, the dream.

Keep living it buddy,


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks. Here's some poetry I generated with your post. I used this web site - - and did some cutting and pasting to make more sense of it.


the hilarity that could show love
for war and Vietnam.
After I suggest checking them all around fantastic specimen of interests
and enjoy cage with such


I think you sneak a fine example of the best things
that will blow your face
if I am going to make the next level
sharp as well as a razor.

Check out that there,
his job at living greatness.
Conrad enjoys.
he does best,
the cherry on the bathroom and collage work
Both at that the best things too,
expand those horizons.

For tuesday,
here is massive, the next level
an animal magnetism that I do mean
an animal magnetism that may ask like this could not resist this...

1:15 AM, January 18, 2007  
Blogger Mortekai said...

HOLY CRAP! thats awesome. i am going to mess around with that right now and get back at a brotha. see you tonight!

1:10 PM, January 18, 2007  

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