Friday, December 08, 2006

ZZZzzzzaaaappp! Weekend time and boy do I need it...

After feeling under the weather for the better half of this week I really need some fun times this weekend. Yeah my head was all cloudy and my nose was all stuffed up. Gross, son. So I am feeling a bit better now and can't wait to get out of the house for a while. Now I just have to figure out a place to go. Anyone have any suggestions? I have access to a private jet so it can be any where around the globe. That's straight BALLA kid.

You get Cyclops for the weekend because lazers shoot out his eyes like BYAH! Pencil + pen and ink + Motherbox=Cyclops picture for party times. He looks like he would be real fun at a party. He could like heat up nachos or open your beer for you. Lazer eyes rule.

Imagine how cool it would be having lazer eyes? Seriously imagine it right now, close your eyes and think about it. Do it. Now open them and think about being able to annihilate anything you looked at. Or being able to cook a turkey in like a second. On the other hand imagine trying to go to the bathroom. Yikes. Good thing Cyclops' boyfriend Professor X invented those ruby quartz glasses for him (nerd alert). Now he can pee without the fear blasting himself.

Ok see ya Monday,

p.s. I really do not have access to a jet. I do have a Dodge Viper though. Vrrrrooooommm.


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