Thursday, December 21, 2006

Holiday vacation time...yes...

SOOOOOoooo it is time for fun and freedom. The chains are off and I am going to be set loose upon Long Island for the next week. God life sucks. Seriously I count most of my life away waiting for the weekend or vacations. I need to have one of my friends become famous so we can all live together like the dudes on Entourage. Yeah that would be cool. Also I think I may start trying to win the lottery. If I win the prize better not be a stoning.

Ok back to reality, I thought I would put up a few pictures before this most wonderful time of the year begins. Reason being I do not think I will be able to post for about a week. I am praying that I will be having too much fun to want to come inside and play with the internets (I hate the internets). So I am trying to go out with a little bang here. These be the images.

The title is "I Quit" which I have not done up to this point. Maybe for New Years. This was done on paper and a piece of a cigarette box with pencil, pen, ink, and highlighter. Smoking is bad kids.

I do not really have a title for this but I thought it was a fun image for the holidays. There better be a lot of dancing over the holiday. I demand DANCING! Done with paper, ink, pencil, highlighters and a bit of help from Motherbox. Oh, Motherbox how I lover youse.

This final image is "Small Beauty" a small three panel strip. The beginning is winter and the end is summer. This is more along the line of the work I usually do. Yeah I like the simple. Done with pencil, pen and ink upon a piece of paper.

So there you have it. A big explosion of fun and color for the holidays with a little desert at the end. I hope everyone has the most fun ever this next week. Oh and you should trade in any gifts you happen to get and buy some Mortekai or SUPER! things for friends and family (Click HERE to go to the shop you cheapos). They are way better than a PS3 or tube socks. I definitely know they are better than tube socks. Unless you get like really awesome socks with rad colors blazing all over them that may be better than my stuff.

Happy Merry,


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