Monday, December 04, 2006

Doom powered work force destroyer...

The servers totally shot themselves at work. I mean they bit some cyanide capsules and really tried to die, hard. So I almost lost a few things I was working on. These images almost ate it.

The first picture is the original image scanned and cleaned up a small bit. I used pencil as well as pens and ink to create this image. After scanning I played around with color for a while and arrived at the second picture. I think it came out well. I am working on another version of this image that I think will also turn out good.

The character in the image is there but not, conflicted and unsure. He is really hurting right now so bad. He likes nature because it does not judge him. He also thinks gym class is so stupid with the running and the changing in the locker room and how big is your cup size and whatever. Which does not matter because how big is his soul. Whatever.

Oh and check Hope is Emo out. Kinda funny. Even funnier if you think about Shoe while watching.



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